My First Email

To Famila Mea (and blog-readers),

Only have one hour a week to type, so we’ll see what I can get written up. The first week’s been great. I’m busy all the time, but that’s all good. When they told us on the second day that we were to teach a lesson completely in Romanian, and only had a day to prepare, I’ll admit I was a bit irritated. However, I didn’t really have the opportunity to go through the whole “the MTC is overwhelmingly the hardest thing ever” experience, much of which must be living on your own for the first time/having to follow a schedule, maybe? I like the structure, being busy all the time is less stressful than procrastinating, not sleeping, and doing everything at the last minute. So, much less stressful than my old life.

To sum up my experiences in a blog-worthy format, I’m designating the next section…

That (Romanian Missionary) MTC Moment When…

  • “Elder” in your language is still Elder
  • You love everyone
  • You’re the senior companion for the first three weeks
  • You eat wayyyy too much
  • Your language can’t be put into email properly because the accented symbols aren’t readily accessible
  • Your companion, Elder Cooper is tare (awesome)
  • (Other than “i” and “e” at the end of words, which have a different sound) each letter in your language is super-consistent (like German)
  • The accented letters remind you of German letters
  • P-days are on Wednesday for you, not Monday
  • Your language is similar to Italian and French
  • You get put into the same branch as the Italian missionaries
  • People forget that not everyone in the congregation is going to Italy (though they’d be talking in Italian if everyone were)
  • The Branch President’s (Rome-born) wife talks about her conversion story (and/or Italy)
  • You love humanity more than an hour ago
  • You pray in your language now
  • You try to convince Sora Newell that you encountered a German train that ran late
  • You are torn between a desire to hug Elder Bednar and sit in awe of Elder Holland
  • You can bear your testimony in your language now
  • You wonder what English-speaking missionaries do all day
  • You realize that your idea of fun is planning (well, that and teaching lessons, of course)
  • Your district leader asks you if you also want to go exercise at the gym in the morning, as he has found out that going to the gym is only recommended, and that you could sleep-in instead…and you tell him you’d rather go to the gym to exercise (wait, what??)
  • You think Elder Holland is going to walk in from the back of the Marriott Center because of the way the main speaker of your devotional introduced a clip
  • You love humanity more than five minutes ago
  • You wonder how you ever struggled to share the gospel in English
  • You wish all of your friends would at least take a look at Cartea lui Mormon, which you wish you now had more time to do yourself

Wishing you all the best,

(Time to say something in Romanian)
La Revedere (no accented symbols in that, at least),

Elder Brown


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