Brief Update: MTC – Week 2

Just coming out of a cold, so not sure how great this letter’ll be. Anyhow, sickness nonwithstanding, it’s been a good week. Taught two lessons yesterday without writing a script beforehand; it was great; the Spirit was much more powerful when we weren’t just reading the whole lesson.

The language is still going well.

Temple opens soon! Happy about that.

We also got another Elder (reassigned from Russian-speaking to Romanian-speaking) in our district. He still’s going to leave with us in a month, no extra time for him.

Made a killer (aha, I’m so clever XD) Azula-cherry-pit reference at lunch yesterday (when saying why I was against cherries)…yep.

Character of Christ may just be the best talk ever.

Really feel like I’m developing stronger and deeper love for investigators.

The Gospel is both simple to understand and amazing.

That is all.

Elder Brown


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  1. You missionaries look so happy and so enthusiastic! Great to see!!!

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