Halfway to Romania: MTC – Week 3

To my family (and all the rest of you wonderful people out there),

Hello!  It’s still going great here.  Got to go to the temple today, and had a great (first-ever live satellite broadcast) devotional yesterday.  Elder Scott came and spoke to us about prayer.  It was very powerful.  Also have a good story about what happened after the devotional.

First of all, he flashed a thumbs-up after the closing prayer, liked that.  Then as he was leaving (and we were all standing out of respect) he paused, turned to us, and waved.  We all waved back timidly.  He turned back to the exit, walked a few more steps, stopped again and waved (as did we).  He turned back, walked a few more steps, and paused again.  This time, he cupped his hands together around his mouth and called “be good!”  Super funny.  After one more steps-pause-and-wave cycle, he stopped for one last time.  He commented to us about the love he could feel in the room (as he had already mentioned earlier in his talk).  I think at that point he again expressed his love for us.  Anyway, someone in the crowd responded “we love you!”, and the room cascaded into following suit as he moved out of sight.

Also, one of the prelude hymns (“Love One Another”) hit me very powerfully, as we were singing the words of the Savior.

Oh, and I almost forgot, Elder Scott gave those learning a language an apostolic blessing in the course of his talk.  Very cool.

Hard to believe that I’m already halfway done with the MTC, feels like I just got here.  The Romanian continues to go well, and apparently our entire class is ahead of schedule, so that’s nice.  Think I’ve lost practically my entire knowledge of the French language, though…hope that comes back after my mission…also hope that my English isn’t going as well.  I don’t believe that it is, but some of those in my district have noticed that theirs is.

Wishing you all the best blessings,

Elder Brown

PS…Addition to this week’s email by Sebastian’s missionary Mom:

Sebastian’s experience with Elder Scott reminded me of our prior meeting with the same apostle. Elder Scott came to visit a stake conference in Fairfield when Sarah was only a preschooler and Sebastian a toddler. They struggled with reverence during the 2 hour general session of the conference that seemed to drag on indefinitely to them. To be honest, I can’t remember what Elder Scott talked about that day (I’m sure it was great, I obviously need to keep a better journal). But what I will never forget was the love and concern that emanated from him. To get her to pay attention to Elder Scott, we suggested Sarah draw a picture of him standing at the podium. After the conference, a long line formed beginning at the stairs to the stand. Many members of the congregation were hoping to shake Elder Scott’s hand. We joined the line, with Sarah anxious to present her drawing to him. But after a few minutes, she could no longer wait patiently and wriggled away from us. With Sebastian on my hip, I frantically looked around for my preschooler, only to see her at the front of the line, literally jumping into Elder Scott’s arms. I stood paralyzed with shock as I watched him look around quizzically for the parents of the little girl that he had just picked up. It was extremely embarrassing and at the same time, it was an amazing opportunity. Elder Scott wasn’t upset at all by the interruption; he lovingly and patiently took a few minutes to visit with Sarah and the rest of our family and acknowledged her primitive drawing of him as a work of art. All of us felt that he was definitely one of the Lord’s witnesses on the earth at this time. How exciting that Sebastian had the opportunity to encounter him again. How blessed we are to have divinely called prophets and apostles among us!


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