It’s Week 5 Already!

Weekly letter time,

Not sure what to say this week, feels like more of the same…got a haircut today, guess that’s good.  But yeah, really don’t know what to talk about…hmm…on my fifth week already.  Time is not passing normally for me.

Suppose I could talk about how we watched Johnny Lingo on…nah.

Our district is pretty popular amongst the rest of the zone; we’ve been having a food-excess problem, so Elders Brundage and Cooper decided to pool their resources and turn the extra bunk into a pantry-of-sorts, inviting all to take whatever they wanted.  With the aid of the room inspectors and the Italian missionaries, we’ve made some decent headway into depleting our reserves, but we’ve still got a long way to go.  Oh, and I can write in Romanian in emails now (using the language lab computers), so that’s nice, will probably use that soon.  This is more of a last-week thing, but pamphlets are awesome.  I never realized how useful they are before the MTC.

We also had President Maynes of the Presidency of the Seventy come yesterday.  He talked about being connected to our missionary purpose.  I really liked his wife’s remark that we should be the missionaries our mothers picture us to be (you’re awesome, mom).

I feel normal, yet so different already.  Interesting to see how much one can learn in so short a time.

La Revedere,

Elder Brown



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