Next Stop…..Romania!

Last email before Romania!

Wow, that was quick.

We received our travel itineraries this week.  We leave Monday morning from Salt Lake.  We’re going from there to Dallas, then from Dallas to Amsterdam, then from Amsterdam to Bucharest.  As my P-day will change from Wednesday to Monday, it’ll be a week before I can email again (since it’ll be Tuesday afternoon when I arrive in Bucharest).  The Mission President should let you know that I’ve arrived safely, though.

Oh, and I’ve been designated “travel leader”, so let’s hope traveling in Europe last summer (feels soooo lonngg agoo) was enough to make me competent in travel.

I’m going to miss the temple (today was my last visit ’til after the mission), but I know where my Heavenly Father wants me, and that my service will bring me closer to Him (as it already has).

Yesterday was fun.  Elder Andersen came to talk to us about Love & Sacrifice (and I forgot my glasses 😦 ).  Afterwards, the thunder and lightning outside (oddly enough, wasn’t raining beforehand) was so bad that security determined that we needed to stay inside for a bit longer.

So, some got to shake Elder Andersen’s hand, and the rest of us got to sing for a bit.  (Psst, Sarah, try to sit near the aisles and the bottom, your chances will be higher in case of rain).  The singing was good, I know I felt the Spirit.  No hand-shaking for me, but waving’s always nice.  The lightning stopped, but we still got soaked getting back to the MTC.

Unfortunately, I had just sent in the suit I had been using for the MTC for dry cleaning (as we’re supposed to before we go).  Hooray for soaking (and making smelly) a suit upon first use!  :/  (Didn’t know to wait just one more day with that other suit).  At least the rain was invigorating, felt really good to get soaked with rain-water instead of sweat.  XD

Write to you when I’m in *cough*cough* EUROPE FOR THE NEXT TWO YEARS *cough*cough* Romania,

Elder Brown


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