First Assignment: Moldova!

Greetings from Chisinau!

The weather’s nice here, and my companion and I are staying in a block, but it’s a good apartment.  We rode an overnight train to get to Moldova, was cool (but rather cramped, especially before we put up a few of the suitcases).

There are a lot of signs in Romanian, and most of the population speaks Romanian, I think, but they prefer Russian, usually.  The computer I’m using right now is in Russian, as are the Church services.  I think I’ll learn Romanian before I tackle Russian. Both my companion and I are speaking Romanian, though he’s trying to learn Russian on his own, too.

It appears it’s up to me whether I want to get a separate visa for Moldova or not, but if I do want to stay for another transfer, I’ll have to get one.  It’s regular for Romanian-speaking missionaries (all of the Russian-speakers get sent to Moldova) in our mission get to serve a transfer here in Chisinau, but I might be the first to have it as my first area from what I’ve heard.  Makes it hard to pick up Romanian when stuff is mostly in Russian, though.

I kept forgetting my camera whenever we’d go to the Church, but it’s a really nice building.  We have to take the bus every day to get around, but when we go to the Church we also get to walk through some more-rural-looking neighborhood areas, which are lush/pretty.

Interesting that Ariel would ask about cats.  There are stray dogs, of course (which really don’t look mangy, and know how to use the crosswalks), but it’s too bad that no one has ever mentioned the cats.  There are at least as many here as the dogs, if you notice them.

The bread is really good here, as is the ketchup; still don’t know why Americans can’t make good bread.

It appears that the most successful way we find investigators here is by teaching English classes at the Church, so we do that on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  We also do service regularly around a certain local pre-school.  On Friday we cleared a lot of glass (mostly broken) out of a storage room, and there were a good deal of wasps; this morning we cleaned up two of the school’s basements (which had very low ceilings).  Pretty extreme.

Talk to you next week,

Elder Brown


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