Linguists on Brooms, Puppies, & Rooster Dogs

Things are still going well…and we actually have an investigator now!

We hold English classes on Tuesdays and Saturdays (though we’re adding Wednesdays now to better fit one of our student’s schedule).  Last Tuesday we had a great after mini-lesson prepared for one of our students who had previously accepted a Book of Mormon and seemed promising.  We thought she’d probably be the only one who’d show up.  She didn’t.

However; our class wasn’t completely empty.  A student we hadn’t seen for a few weeks came.  We started off the lesson by asking him what he wanted to talk about.  His response: “how can I find out more about your church?” …wait, what?!

So, we had a rather hectic tri-lingual lesson that hour.  It was a bit crazy, his native language was Russian, as with the other students, but he understands Romanian, so we had him read in Russian, we read in Romanian, and we’d talk in English.  Also, the Cyrillic alphabet doesn’t match up alphabetically with Latin’s, so there was a bit of confusion finding the definition of “Apostasy” in the back of the Restoration pamphlet.  At the end of the lesson we asked him if there was a time we could meet up again, and “tomorrow” was the response.  In total we had three lessons with him last week, each on consecutive days (the ones with the Russian Elders present went more smoothly).  After Tuesday’s lesson he came with us to Family Home Evening, and after Thursday’s lesson he came with us to Institute.  He seems fairly strongly Orthodox regarding prayer, but he is curious. It’s pretty exciting.

But now let’s talk about dogs.  I sent a lot of puppy pictures this week; the Russian Elders have some near their apartment.  Love how there’s so many animals around here.  One of the more interesting animals I’ve encountered so far is what I termed the “Rooster-dog”.  There’s a cemetery we pass on the way to and from church.  One night, whilst we were walking past this cemetery, we heard a sound coming from it, but it was bizarre, not like a Hound of Baskerville (love how my companion made that reference).  The dog barking amongst the graves sounded like it was trying to imitate a rooster, it was really odd.  That barking, along with a car sounding in the background, made a decent basis for a bit of techno music.

Now, on to food.  Last Sunday we got to eat at a member’s home.  He works for the embassy, and the meal we had felt refreshingly American.  Gotta love chips and salsa, chili, ice cream, and a cool cobbler-type cake which is simple to make (may have to try it sometime).

Before I forget, I should note how the people here have a different style of brooms.  The vast majority of them are what we’d think of as merely the end of the broom – no handle.  However; there was a cool one with a handle that I simply had to get a picture with, and if you see the picture, I hope that it’s evident why.  It was actually really effective in raking leaves.

I also want to note how I got to bloc-knock for the first time last week.  It’s like going door-to-door, but Soviet-bloc-building style.  Really wasn’t that bad; apparently it’s all we do in the winter, because it’s so cold outside.  We went around and surveyed people, which is a cool way to contact.  The survey has questions on it such as “Is a close, strong family important to you?” and “Do you believe in God?”  Creativity’s nice when contacting.  I’m still pretty quiet when it comes to contacting in general, but I did better last time we went street contacting, and tried to reach out to talk to someone in Church (not that I understood practically anything he said back to me…not sure if the first part was in Russian though).  So yeah, I think I’m getting better with that, gradually.

Also, we were walking around the park last night, and I saw some small red-orange lights in the sky.  For a second I thought we were being bombarded with missiles…but they were actually just those cool lanterns (like in Tangled…hey, there was a lake, too…).  Wish we did that sort of thing in the US (I don’t know of anywhere in America that does anyway).  It’s cool.  Oh, and that lake park is so beautiful.

Doing great,

Elder Brown



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