Look Mom! I’m on (Moldovan) TV!

Hello everyone!

Sorry, this entry might not be as long.  I don’t have a lot of time this P-day, unfortunately.  But hey, I get to go souvenir shopping later! (Planning to get one of those Russian fur hats…my companion is getting one with wolverine skin, which is unique, but more expensive.  Also going to get one of those Russian dolls which contain others, and a magnet (go magnets!).)

Anyway, HEY LOOK MOM, I’M ON (Moldovan) TV! (Link below)

We’ve been doing a lot of service at the local Romanian preschool (as I’ve included pictures of previously).  The Church partnered with the US Department of State to help out the preschool.  The US Department of State renovated the school’s kitchen, and the Church donated a food processor, an oven, and service (100+ or so hours).  On Friday, the US ambassador came to the school for the new kitchen’s ribbon-cutting ceremony.  My companion and I had to get up really early (we live on the other side of the city) to get there at 7:30 to do the final-touch bits of preparatory service with the other Elders.  The ceremony gave the Church some really good publicity; it was nice (and had a lot of cute kids, in addition to ceremonial bread, which two traditionally-dressed kids presented to the ambassador).

The school also had after-celebrations.  We went inside and watched some traditional song and dance put on by the staff and children.  Was pretty cool.  Near the close of these, the teachers told the kids something along the lines of “the guests always bring gifts…and they brought clowns!”  After which, the kids started chanting “Clowns! Clowns! Clowns!”  Then two (er…very authentic) clowns emerged from behind the curtain and ran among the kids.

…Yeah, I’m not taking responsibility for that gift.

Following the presentation, we went into another room, where some (very expensive-looking) food was laid out for those attending the ceremony.  Some fun stuff happened there…

1. Accidentally had caviar for the first time (hey, it was orange)…did taste good.
2. Got pulled into my first Moldovan circle dance (where you basically hold hands in a circle, move them up and down while walking in a circle).
3. Pounded out a few beats on the traditional drum (the lady playing it offered us a few beats each during one of the songs).
4. Was asked (with the other missionaries) to sing something from American culture…American…culture? …We sang the Star-spangled Banner (my companion, becoming a marine at West Point, had it memorized well).

So yeah, that day was cool.  And we’re still doing service there (going back tomorrow).

That’s all for now,

Elder Brown



Poza 058DSCN2486


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