Of Mice & Macedonia


It’s starting to turn into winter here at the MTC, and I can’t say I like the fact that the weather just decided that it wanted to skip fall.  Whose idea was that?  But the cold weather is good practice for November in Slovenia.  So it seems the Lord is preparing me in all aspects while I am here at the MTC.  Things are going really well.  In some ways I feel like I have been here forever, and in others it only seems like yesterday when I was stepping out of the car and truly hearing Slovene for the first time.

This week was exciting because most of our zone left to enter the field.  The Turks, older Croatians, older Bulgarians (the ones that have been here longer), the Czechs, the Slovaks, and the older Slovenes all left.  It was so sad and exciting all at the same time because I miss them, but I know they are great missionaries and were ready to go.  With the other Slovenes leaving, I became an army of one here at the MTC.  And there will be no more Slovene speaking missionaries coming until December.  So for the rest of my stay here I am the only one.  How crazy is that?

On Wednesday we had new missionaries move into our zone, three sisters and seven Elders.  Half of them are Czech and the other half are Slovak.  They are really nice, but seem a little bit overwhelmed.  But who isn’t when they first get here?

Lessons continue to go well.  I am learning more and more about myself every day and about how the Lord wants me to teach.  Sometimes it can be difficult because I don’t feel like I am progressing, but when I remember where I was three weeks ago, I have nothing to complain about, and only the Lord to thank.

Some exciting news happened here at the MTC yesterday!  Sestra S found out that she would not only be the first sister serving in Macedonia, but that she will also be going to Serbia for 6 weeks, after she is trained for 6 weeks by a sister sent to the Adriatic South mission from the Adriatic North mission.  Then she will be going back to Macedonia and training someone new.  We are all very excited for her!  The Lord trusts her so much.  She is going to do amazing things!

This week we also found out that we have mice in our apartments!  A couple days ago I was sitting and writing a letter and a mouse came out of nowhere and ran right in front of me!  I jumped about a foot! It was so unexpected.  I haven’t seen one since, but who knows.

In other news, one of my teachers quit working here and left me.  He was an awesome teacher and I was sad to see him go, but he had other things to do.  I still have three teachers so everything is good.  The language is going well and I feel like I have a pretty good understanding of future and past tense now which is nice.  Now I can actually tell stories!

We have also had some great devotionals over the past couple of days.  We had more Elders from the Quorum of the Seventy come and speak, as well as the current Provo temple president.  I love learning from them and listening to the Spirit as they speak.

This week I also really had a great experience with scripture study.  I was having a tough time after a tough lesson, so I decided to read my scriptures after having a fervent prayer.  I opened my scriptures and the first thing I read was so powerful.  I felt the Spirit testify to me that the Lord was talking to me through that scripture.  The whole world seemed to be on pause as the scripture bore witness to my soul that the Lord knew where I was, and that He was helping me.  I also felt that through this difficult time I would be a better missionary.  It was such an answer to my prayer.  I know that my Heavenly Father lives and that He wants to answer my prayers.  He rejoices with us when we are happy, and cries with us when we are struggling!  I have seen so many of my and other people’s prayers answered here at the MTC.  Miracles still happen!

We are also gearing up for General Conference here at the MTC.  I am so excited that I get to be here and watch conference!  We will be watching it live as a giant force of missionaries.  It’s going to be great.  I encourage all of you to write questions down before conference that you want answered and listen to General Conference.  Another great thing about this upcoming conference is that native Slovenes will be translating for conference for the first time!  It has been such a miracle as I have seen how this has been accomplished.  I can’t wait until I can listen to conference in Slovene online!

I am so grateful for those who have been writing me and sending packages.  You guys are the best!  Hope to hear from you soon!

Sestra Brown


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