Conference Thoughts From the Field

A lot’s happened this week; it’s been great.

Let’s see…Zone Conference was on Wednesday.  The Iasi Zone came to Chisinau for it.  The day after we ended up being very, very touristy as we went around helping them buy Moldovan souvenirs (they also needed our phone, since they don’t have international minutes).  I hadn’t gotten a hat, wooden doll, or magnet on P-day, but I did get a wooden doll and magnet on Thursday.  Two down, one to go.

Another thing, my companion left to Iasi on Saturday. He needed to be out of the country for ten days for visa reasons, so now I’m with Elder C, from Iasi.  He’s had to travel quite a lot this week.  Interestingly enough, he’s from around Sacramento (Rocklin), so he knows where Fairfield is (Go California!).  He also speaks German, which is legit.  Been having a great time with him so far.

Now, of course, I can’t forget to talk about how amazing Conference was in this entry.  Yeah, I agree that Elder Holland was amazing, Mom, but (being on my mission) I also appreciated how much this Conference was about missionary work.  I got to all of the sessions save Sunday afternoon (I’ll watch that later).  From what I did get to watch, I’m calling this General Conference “The Energy Conference”.  Every talk (save Elder Holland’s, I think) related to missionary work in some way, and the air just seemed hyped-up and ready to spread the gospel.  I think there was a good deal directed at the members to get them to involve themselves in the work.

I’ve noticed that in each successive weekly email home I comment that I’m wearing something additional to keep myself warm.  Well, Mom should be happy to know that today I put on thermals and a scarf.  On Saturday I also started to wear my hat, and I’ve been wearing my jacket for a while now.  So yes, I’m quite warm (and scarves are cool).

I shall never tire of speaking of dogs, of course (love animals).  I’m sending some pictures of two puppies that were near the Russian Elders’ apartment.  They converted a basket that was out by the dumpster into a shelter for them, and apparently someone came by later and put a sweater in there for them!  Unfortunately, they’re gone now…hoping that’s because that person took them in.  They were awfully near the trash.

Well, wishing you all well…

Eld…whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute!!  I’m turning 19 in 3 days?!!  So weird!  Since life before the mission seems just a dream (I’m sure anyone who’s been on one can relate), that I’m having a birthday is just plain odd.  Well, that ought to be fun.

Elder Brown


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