Halfway Through the Dark


This week was less cold than last week.  I guess I can’t complain…the “beautiful” Provo mountains are actually looking pretty good because all the colors are changing and everything is red.  It’s been raining and has been a little bit foggy, reminding me of San Francisco, which has made me happy.

But the thing that made me the most happy this week was General Conference.  My teachers had counseled me to write some questions and ponder them before Conference.  They promised me that I would receive answers to these questions if I did.  So I did.  This isn’t the first time I have done this, but this General Conference was different.  Every single talk, I kid you not, was directed towards me.  Even if it was on something that did not apply to me, like tithing, there were points in the talk that answered my questions and directed me to what I need to do better.  It was so amazing!  I hope everyone will take what they have learned in Conference and apply it to their life.  I don’t remember who said it, but I remember hearing, “the real miracle of Conference happens in the days after Conference”.

Life here at the MTC is going well, although it is flying by.  I am halfway done today and although I don’t feel anywhere near ready to go to Slovenia, I can’t wait!  This week in class I learned all the cases and their accompanying pronouns.  However, it is still hard for me to know when I need to use them.  When I speak, I don’t usually think about if what I am saying is the object in the sentence or whatever.  But I know it will come.

The lessons are going well.  Although I have a long way to go, I always feel like I teach with the Spirit, so it has been good.  They told me yesterday that I would be teaching another investigator, so I will be teaching once a day now.  Every day I am reminded that the only way I am doing any of this is through the Lord.  Sometimes I feel like the Lord has wiped my old life clean and now is building me back up from scratch.  I don’t know if that makes any sense, but hopefully returned missionaries will understand.

Our district continues to be hilarious, which is great.  So here is the funny story of the week.  Last night we were all winding down and talking about our lessons at TRC.  I had just had a wonderful spiritual experience and was in the middle of recounting my day when Sestra R screamed, “What the Hell!”  We were all scared, and I almost fell off the top bunk.  She had found a giant stash of Easter candy in the air vent right above her bed.  She took the vent off and sure enough there was a ton of candy and even stuffed animals in there!!  Jelly Belly’s, chocolate, banners, you name it.  Also some giant fake spiders, which received a horrifying scream upon being found.  Needless to say, no wonder we have mice!  We cleaned it out, threw out the stuff that we didn’t dare try, and today I had Jelly Belly’s for the first time in a long time.  It was great.  We promptly checked the other rooms and found other treasures.  We discovered that before us, there was a group of Elders that lived in our rooms, hence the stashed candy.  It was a hilarious surprise that none of us expected.

Thanks for all of your letters.  Every time I get one my district leader pretends like I didn’t get any mail and totally pranks me, but it’s great by the time I get them!  I always enjoy hearing what you have to say!

Sestra Brown



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