Staying in Moldova: 1 Down, 15 to Go…

Going to start off this week’s entry by saying thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes!

My birthday was actually a fairly lazy day, heh.  We had our district meeting in the morning, and Elder A cooked after (he’s so legit).  He made us Shepherd’s Pie (my favorite), and Sora C (who bakes extremely well) brought a cake (which I didn’t know about beforehand).

I love being around people who can cook (I know I can’t).

Other than that…got a lot singing on my birthday.  And yeah, Sister Swanson, the Romanian-speakers use the same Happy Birthday song in Moldova.  It’s pretty classy, but from what I’ve heard, they also use it for every holiday?  (Fun fact, the Russian song has the same melody as the English one, not that it was sung to me.)

Also, had some enchiladas on Saturday…wish I could cook like everyone else.

Speaking of people who can cook, Elder A is being transferred to Arad.  I’m actually staying for next transfer (maybe I should actually try for some Russian…).  And speaking of transfers, I’ve already finished my first in the field, whoa.  Only 15 left! Life is short; hopefully it slows down after the mission, which feels like it’s on fast-forward.

We still only have one investigator, and we haven’t had the chance to meet with him for a while.  I was going to meet with him tomorrow, but my train leaves too early.  Right now I’m with the Russian-speaking Elders, as my temporary companion left to get his stuff from Iasi before moving on to Clus.  I’m going down to Bucharest to pick up my visa and come back up with Elder H, who will still be my companion for the next transfer.

So yeah, life is just going along as usual.

‘Til next week,

Elder Brown


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