Someone Took the Training Wheels Off


A lot of new things happened this week.  It’s crazy to think that I only have three and a half weeks left here.  It is going all too fast! I can’t believe that I will be leaving so soon.

Anyway, this week started off strangely with us moving classrooms unexpectedly on Monday.  My teacher didn’t say anything and just started ripping posters off the wall in the middle of the lesson.  I thought since these posters had the verb conjugations on them, he just didn’t want me to use them anymore.  But it was really because they moved us to a different room.  I didn’t think much of the move until I got to the new room.  The room is nice because it has a white board, but it is also difficult because it doesn’t have very nice desks.  So instead of having three desks to myself, I now only have one.  It’s one of the ones that is really small and has a little basket under it.  I guess it is good for me because I am so messy.  Now I have to put everything under my chair and not have so much stuff with me.  The other thing that is hard about the room is that they put all my casing posters behind my head so I can’t see them without turning around.  It is difficult because now my teachers always know when I don’t know something, which happens a lot.  But it is a good incentive for me to learn faster.

This week I also had the wonderful privilege to hear from Elder Dallin H. Oaks on Tuesday at devotional.  It was crazy because someone let it out of the bag that an important visitor would be coming.  So when they opened the doors, you can imagine everyone running to get a good seat.  It felt like Black Friday or something, although nobody even knew for sure who was coming.  Elder Oaks gave a wonderful talk and it really helped me understand what I should be doing as a missionary.  He also talked about the difference between our church and other Christian churches.  It was definitely the talk I needed.

My teachers decided that instead of teaching me one on one that they would now, as much as possible, teach me two on one.  I truly do love it because there are more things we can practice with three people instead of just two.  But I also was a little frustrated with it, because now that there are three people, I have to conjugate everything differently and use different object cases!  It is good practice though.

In other news…we saw them filming “the District 3” earlier this week.  I might have gotten in the background of one of the shots.  I guess I will have to watch it later to find out.

Lessons are going well.  I really feel like this week I have learned how to teach more simply and listen more to the investigator.  I thought it was so funny when I was talking to Sestra S and she told me, “I figured out your whole problem, you just need to listen and simplify!”  She is right, if you know me, I talk a lot!  As I really figure out how to listen, I have been able to teach with the Spirit in a way that I wasn’t able to before.

Just like in Romania, the leaves here are turning colors and it is very pretty.  It makes me miss skiing a little, but it also gets me so excited to go to Slovenia to help others come unto Christ!!

This week was great even though there was so much change.  I just feel like the Lord said, “We are going to have you in this setting for the first half of your stay and then we are going to take the training wheels off.  You are going to fall on your face a little, but then you are going to get up and be a boss.”  So that has been amazing!

Lastly, today was funny because it apparently is necktie day in Croatia, so our district is all wearing neckties.  Which means that me and my companion are wearing neckties, at least for the P-day portion of our day.  It feels so weird, but one elder in our district was really set on us all doing it.  So we humored him by borrowing some ties from the elders in our district.  So if I learned nothing else from the MTC, I have learned how to tie a tie…awkward right?!  Haha!  My companion taught me this morning.  I will send pictures later, probably next week because we haven’t taken any yet.  Sorry!

I hope everyone is taking the time to think about how they can be doing better every day and that everyone is doing well!  Thanks for all the love and support!  Have a great necktie day!

Sestra Brown


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  1. Tom and Wardria Carman

    Hi Sestra Brown, Sure do enjoy reading your interesting blogs. You are certainly learning a lot there at the MTC. What interesting days you have! What a wonderful experience for you! We pray for you and the missionaries constantly. We are proud of you for choosing to serve on a mission.

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