Farming 101

Hello Everyone,

This week’s been good.  One of the highlights was going to a village around Orhei to do some service.  Orhei is rural…it was cool to finally get outside the big city!  We went out to (burn their leaves and) plow one of the Chisinau member’s land…with shovels.  It took a while.  So now I can say I’ve done some legit farm work…and afterwards had a legit on-the-farm feast.  There was SO MUCH FOOD.  Loved it (and the thatched roof one of their structures had…wish I could have a thatched roof on a building I had; they’re so cool).

I’m also contacting more than I was last transfer, and am contacting primarily in my area; Russian-speaking as it may be, people will still usually also know Romanian.  My companion has been great with getting me to actually talk to people while contacting.  Honestly, it’s not something I’d have much of any courage with otherwise, but I must admit I crack under peer pressure.  When we contact, we play “CAL”.  “Cal” means “horse”, and the game is the equivalent of the English basketball game of “PIG”.  We take turns trading off who will be the next to contact someone.  When you’re not next to contact, you choose who your companion will be contacting.  If your companion chickens out, he gets a letter.  So far, I’ve only gotten one letter, and that was only the second time we played it.  So yeah, I can now walk up to pretty much anyone and contact said person, though initiating contact is about as fun as getting up in the morning.

Speaking of getting up in the morning, early morning companionship prayers, although sometimes painful perhaps, are effective in getting us out of bed.

We also had interviews with the Hills yesterday.  They’re so great and helpful; I love talking to them (I also loved getting a ride home in a car, as the Assistants to the President stayed over at our apartment last night).  I also got a couple of Oreos as a result of my interview with Sora Hill.  Interesting to see that you don’t realize what you haven’t had in a while ’til you have it again.

I’ve also started a Calendar Wall (of daily doodles) in order to put to use the green Sticky-Notes.  I like it.  It’s a good way to keep track of the days and fun to do in the morning.

Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!

As always,

Elder Brown

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