Travel Plans & Strengthening Revelations


So today is pretty much the best day ever because I got my travel plans.  Which I assume means that everything worked out well with my visa!!  This girl, I mean this Sister Missionary, is going to Europe!!!!  So here is the deal:  Guess who is travel leader, what what!!!  I will be leaving November 11th and after four airports I will be in Zagreb!  Needless to say there was a lot of screaming today and jumping around.  Our whole district is pretty excited.

This week was a pretty normal week.  Now that we are used to the routine, every day seems like the last.  This week I had an amazing conversation with my teachers about feeling the Spirit.  They shared with me a talk given by Elder Bednar in the MTC.  He says, “If you are worried about whether or not a feeling or impression is coming from you or from the Spirit, I have the answer.  Stop worrying about it!  Just be a good girl and a good boy and keep your covenants!  Keep the commandments and stop worrying about it!”  He went on to say that the majority of the time when we are being prompted to do something, we will not know in the moment that it is an impression from the Spirit.  But as we keep our covenants and do our best, the Lord will be guiding us.  Sometimes it’s hard as a missionary to know if what you are saying is right.  Sometimes I spend so much time and effort worrying about if I am planning the right thing.  But this week I learned that if I am doing my best, then I have no need to worry because the Lord will guide me.

Lessons are going well; they are now having me teach once a week with one of my teachers as my companion.  I love it.  The lessons flow better.  Although I still need to talk about the same amount as before, it just works better.  We are there to build each other up and work off of each other instead of just me talking.  It has really shown me how important it is to have a companion.  It has made me excited to get a companion who can speak Slovene so I can teach with her!  This week my teachers also told me that I had learned all the grammatical principles for Slovene.  What my teacher actually said was, “yup, so that is Slovene, you know it now.”  And I am thinking, “WHAT?!?!”  So now we have just been reviewing, which gives me plenty to do language wise.  I can see that I am progressing, there is just so much to remember!

This week I also gained a greater appreciation for the plan of salvation and agency.  My teacher asked me why we came to Earth.  Eventually he said we came to Earth because we wanted to.  I am here to do what I want to do, and not what anyone else wants me to do.  He made the point that it is my decision what I do and not anyone else’s.  I am the one in control of my life.  What a beautiful concept!  The Lord has given us the power to change our lives and make of them what we will.

I also got a blessing yesterday just because I was freaking out as usual about the language and my teaching skills.  My teacher recommended it.  Even though I was fine, I thought that maybe it would be a good idea to get one before I left the MTC.  It was a really cool experience.  In the blessing the Lord told me that He was very proud of me and because of my faithfulness and hard work, I would be blessed on the mission and in life.  He said that while I may not understand why I have to go through hard things, like the language, it is so I can help others and understand them.  He also said that I would always be guided by the Spirit.  In the very moment that I need it, I will be in the right place and say the right thing.  I will know what to do.  He also said multiple times that there is a very important work that the Lord has called me to do on my mission.  It reminded me of my setting apart.  It was really cool because the other sisters who got blessings didn’t have that in their blessings.  I was reminded that the Lord has something super important that I need to do.  Although I don’t know what it is, I know that if I continue to do my best, I will be able to do it.  He also said that He would provide a way for me to do this great work.  So needless to say I am pretty pumped.

I feel so blessed to be a solo and have my teachers to myself.  They are the strongest spiritual people I have ever met.  It makes me excited for the people I get to work with in Slovenia.  They all just get it.  And you can feel how strong they are.  Needless to say they have helped me and taught me through the Spirit so many times.  There are times when it has just been me and the Spirit and them talking, but I forget they are even there because it is the like the Lord is just speaking to me.  I don’t know it’s hard to explain.

I am learning so much about revelation.  It is such a quiet voice, it needs to be silent for me to really hear it and understand the thoughts that are from Him in my mind.  It is so amazing though how when my teachers teach me, or are planning to teach me when I am playing an investigator, how I can feel the Spirit flow in their conversation and out of it, especially when it is in Slovene and I don’t know what they are saying.  Like when they were contacting, I had no clue what they were saying to each other.  But in their conversation I could feel the Spirit swell and ebb.  It’s like the ocean, or water, when it goes into the moat of a sand castle.  The water is the Spirit and the moat is the conversation.  I don’t know, it’s hard to explain but it’s so cool.  But you have to pay attention.  As a teacher I can feel the Spirit filling me sometimes, but then it is very different when the Spirit is flowing through me, like I am a pipe.  It is so cool though, maybe this makes sense?

I am still having a great time.  If you are going to send me something at the MTC, you need to do it soon!  I will be leaving in 11 days.  As always, thanks for all the packages and letters.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!  Not much happened here, we just ate a lot of candy.  Anyway, next Friday will be my last in the MTC.  I can’t believe it!  Have a good week!

Sestra Brown


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