Block-Knock…Who’s There?

Time to talk about my week,

Weird to think that by Christmas, I’ll be a quarter of the way into my mission!

Well, anyway, since it’s been getting darker earlier now, we’ve started to block-knock nightly; we’ve had some interesting experiences with that.  I’ve even done up an anime sketch of us doing so, but I forgot to take a pic of it.  We have two surveys (one about general church things, and one more specifically focused on the Book of Mormon) that we use mostly for this type of contacting.  I remember specifically one conversation that we had with an older man recently.  To summarize, he:

  1. Made me hold a plastic jug of tea (which I was reluctant to take from him, but he was getting a bit ticked at me when I didn’t immediately take it) and my companion one of (rubbing) alcohol, and invited us to take shots with him (which we clearly declined, though he proceeded to make himself one right in front of us).
  2. Gave us candies.
  3. Went back inside and came back with two apples behind his back.  He asked my companion to pick a hand, and gave out the red apple and yellow apple according to which hand he chose.
  4. Recited a lot of Eminescu love-poetry to us.
  5. Accepted the Book of Mormon I offered him.  In fact, as it was a gift from us, he wanted us to write in it for him.  Hence, I got to write my first testimony-in-a-Book-of-Mormon on the spot.  It was awesome.

He was a pretty nice guy.  Luckily, I didn’t understand the dirty jokes that I found out after he was telling during the conversation.

Halloween was pretty good.  We had our weekly District Meeting, as it was Thursday.  The older missionary couple brought each of us a goodie bag of candy.  I doodled a wolf howling at the moon, as we were there early (my companion is the District Leader).  We also had a Halloween party for our Nov. 1st Sports Night.  The pumpkin carving was a hit, no one had ever done it before.

Also, I started a compliment wall (need to use up them Sticky-notes somehow) for my companion.  Companionship inventory every morning, perhaps?  I don’t know, it’s fun; keeps it upbeat.

Another thing, my companion got a package.  Two of the items included in it (Macaroni & Cheese and Fruity Pebbles) made me realize how much we take for granted in the States.  Sure, bread, cheese, ketchup, meat, etc… are much better in Europe, but some things you just don’t appreciate until you have them after not having had them (like the Oreos from my last entry).

Moving along in the fifth month of the mission,

Elder Brown


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