Monastery Openhouse: Goats Welcome

Almost all the way through my second transfer, time is going fast.

This week we had a branch activity where we all went to Old Orhei.  There was a monastery built into a hillside (with headscarves near the entrance of the religious part of the cave provided for any women who needed head coverings, as it’s an offense here for women to do otherwise); it was legit.  There was also a castle-looking church farther along the ridge.  After walking around that area, we took a bus over to some woods by a large pond and had lunch.  It was a great activity and very well attended.  Also, while by the monastery, we found a rogue goat (it had a chain trailing from its neck).  I’m including a picture of my companion standing next to it.  It was pretty afraid of us, but later was quite attached to one of the members (the power of having snacks).

Other than that, we also had a great lesson this week.  We got an office referral, and set up a first lesson.  The woman who came brought her kids.  She also brought a friend, and her kids.  The lesson was awesome; not only did my companion involve the kids very well, but one of the kids shared a great experience he had had with prayer.  Every kid but the three-year-old took a copy of the Book of Mormon.

Also, we got permission from President Hill to watch an approved movie to celebrate Halloween (or rather, the P-day after Halloween).  So, last P-day we watched Wreck-it Ralph.  Was a good movie, and I appreciated Disney going to the trouble to incorporate some authentic references.  Felt weird watching a movie again, though.  The first few days of post-mission life are going to be so odd.

Moving right along,

Elder Brown

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