Ummm…Moldovan Update???

Greetings from my last full week in Moldova.

Last P-day I (finally) got a fur hat (I think it’s some sort of buffalo fur).  It’s really soft and looks legit.  Though I like it, the picture I had of me in it (along with the rest of my pictures) was unfortunately destroyed today (not that I know how).  Not to worry, I’ve sent most of my pictures off in emails, so I should be able to recover the important ones later.

This week was a good one for block-knocking.  We got invited in twice!  Weird, but in a really good way.

It’s finally getting cold here.  It was cold around the end of last transfer for a bit, but it warmed back up.  Now, however, it looks like winter is finally getting underway.  It’s about time, too, it’s almost December!

Speaking of it almost being December, I’ve only got a week left of being a missionary-in-training.  For the first twelve weeks, we’re shown the ropes, so to speak, and I’ve only got a little more time before I can’t use the excuse of being new anymore.

Today should be fun.  We got permission to go to the football (soccer) game that’s taking place tonight in the stadium right next to our block.  So our whole district is going to see Moldova vs. Lithuania.  I’ll have to make sure I get pictures of the game.

Elder Brown


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