Next Stop: Transylvania!

Hello to all who read this.

This is my last Moldovan email (for at least half a year, anyway).  I packed up almost everything yesterday, and am just about ready to leave.  This week was alright.  Of note was the Moldova vs. Lithuania game our district attended together last Monday.  The match ended in a tie, 1-1.  The stadium exploded when Moldova made its goal.  Glad I went; the ticket makes such a cool souvenir.  Speaking of souvenirs, though I’ve already got a magnet, furry hat (which got a good test run at the football game), and woonden doll from here, I’ve also decided to get a Moldovan Bible.  They’re very popular amongst the Missionaries.  By “Moldovan Bible”, I mean a Romanian Bible written in Cyrillic.  I’ve picked up a few letters already, and I’ve met the Russian speaking Elders, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get info on the rest.

This week we had two major activities.  The first was on Friday; we invited all the English classes to watch a movie in English with us at the church.  Not many came, but “The Best Two Years” is amazing.  I appreciate it so much more now that I’m on a foreign-speaking mission.

The second activity was on Saturday.  The activity was very successful.  It was a “Get to Know Us” activity.  We set up several tables at the Church.  People got raffle tickets when they came in.  Members got one color, non-members got another.  They got tickets by socializing with those who had a different color (which they did at first in a large swirl of socializing for a few minutes), and by attending the different tables (which happened after the initial socializing).  Some of the tables were run by members (the Book of Mormon, Families, Primary), others by the Missionaries (Missionary Work, Prophets, Humanitarian Work).  The Romanian Missionaries did a table on “Missionary Work”, and I gave a minute on our daily schedule.  We would present for five minutes, and then everyone would rotate tables.  After everyone had been to each table, we had a Q&A session.  Then everyone went upstairs to eat and socialize more.  The night concluded with a raffle based on tickets (i.e. how much you socialized, attended the tables, etc…).

Other than that…transfers happen on Wednesday, and I leave tomorrow to get there on time!  I’m going to the mountain city of Brasov!  Yesssssssss!  My new companion is pretty young in the mission as well, which should put me on the spot more, good news for my Romanian.  Also, the Sisters there are a trainer and a 2nd-transfer trainee, so yeah, a very young district.  Guess I’ll finally be just “another missionary”, which is a good thing (for one it gives me more time since I don’t have to have a second hour of Companionship Study).

While Moldova’s great, I’m super-excited to have church all in Romanian.  It’ll be so weird!  I’m used to not understanding the majority of the church services; it’ll be such a confidence boost to finally know what’s going on (and I’ll be able to be so much more engaged in the meetings).

Also, did I mention that the city’s in the MOUNTAINS??  Alpine flashbacks, anyone?  (Cough*FavoritePartofEurope*Cough)  I hear that the apartment has a great location in the center of town, and that it’s literally on a cobblestone road (the blog title finally pays off).  Apparently, Brasov is also near to castles, so P-days will probably be super-legit.

Christmas Zone Conferences are coming up quick.  Mine will be on the sixth of December.  Though in the Sibiu Zone, Brasov will be combining with the Bucharest Zones.  Wait…I just realized…yesterday was my fourth-month mark!  This was the quickest transfer ever!  Unfortunately, I’ll have to be leaving my companion soon; it was such a blast serving with him.  Hope he has a good time with post-mission life (I know it’ll be sooo weird when I finish my mission).

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving (which will be my first full day in Brasov),

Elder Brown



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