Dateline Solvenia: Burek – Greasy, but Tasty

I will have to keep this short.  I am sorry, it took forever to send pictures and I only have a short amount of time, and I had a lot to read.

I am doing much better this week and I am not feeling as sick, so that is good.  I feel like things are coming along normally.  It rains a lot, but today it is sunny with a high of 4 degrees, so that is pretty awesome.

I had Burek for the first time this week! So that was pretty great, it is a pastry kind of thing filled with meat and cheese.  It’s greasy, but good.

The work is doing well and we are working hard.  We had a game night on Friday that was really fun!  We have just been tracting up a storm over here, which is fun, and we try to really be guided by the Spirit as we teach.  A couple of funny things happened this week.  We were tracting in an apartment block and rang the buzzer.  This guy came down and didn’t let us in.  But then we rang the other buzzers and they all came out and instead of talking to us, they all talked about us on the first floor, it was hilarious!  But the Lord really blessed us this week.  We were tracting and were able to find this family.  They weren’t interested, but their little boy was.  He was so cute!  When we started talking to them, he ran up and grabbed the Book of Mormon from my companion and held it like he would never let it go.  They invited us in for water and the whole time this little boy was clinging to the Book of Mormon.  How we should be like that!  He knew that was the word of God, and even though he was disappointed that it didn’t have more pictures, he loved that book, and he couldn’t even read it!  It was really inspiring.

I am still trying to pick up on the language, but it is coming.  I am looking forward to Thanksgiving this week, it will be fun.  We are going to try and make some pumpkin pie…we will see how it goes. 

Have a good week and thanks for everything!

Sestra Brown


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