Block-Knock…Who’s There?…Just Me in My Underwear!


This week was Thanksgiving for the missionaries and a whole bunch of other things happened as well!  But the holiday sticks out in my mind, so I figured I might as well write about it first.  On Thursday, we had palačinke breakfast at the church with the Elders and then we had our regular studies.  After that we went and played American Football in the park.  It was really fun and just felt good to be out and playing a sport.  It was funny, sometimes people who were walking in the park would come by and cheer us on or take pictures “discretely,” probably because they thought we were crazy for being outside and playing sports in only shorts and tees.  After our football game, we went home and cleaned up.  Then we hopped on the bus with our designated dessert.  It was hard to transport a whole cherry pie on the bus.  We might have leaked a little, but it turned out ok.  We all had Thanksgiving at a member family’s house.  These members, awesomely enough, are previous missionaries who returned to Slovenia.  It is a young couple with three young kids who both served here.  The husband is now back at the university here in Ljubljana.  They made a beautiful dinner for us.  Afterwards it was really hard to walk because we all ate so much!  We were all truly grateful for our opportunity to serve here and were reminded how much the Lord has done for us.

This week my companion and I also found a lot of interesting people and had a couple of funny experiences while tracting.  First of all, when we tract a block sometimes it can be funny because the peepholes here are made so that you can see the person’s eye, like their pupil, when they look through them.  So it can be really awkward when they come to the door and just stare at us.  We stare back and smile and this can go on for a while.  Then they might not even answer.  Other times people talk at us through their doors.  So that can be funny, too.  But this week we were tracting and we knocked on a door and heard some man saying something.  We figured he was asking who we were, so we told him we were missionaries.  Well, he got to the door and opened it.  Then we realized that he was saying that he couldn’t open the door because he wasn’t wearing any clothes except some underwear.  He was around our age which made it even more awkward.  But we just started talking to him about the gospel.  About ten minutes in, he excused himself and went and put on some sweats.  It made us laugh for the whole day, and we had a really good conversation about the gospel with him.

This week we also knocked on a door and a lady opened.  She seemed pretty upset and I didn’t understand anything she was saying.  After she closed the door, my companion informed me that she thought the lady said she was going to call the police on us if we didn’t leave the apartment building.  The police never showed up, so we are still not sure exactly what she was saying.

This week I will have exchanges, which will be awesome.  I will be going to Celje for two or three days.  So that will be fun.  The Slovene is progressing, which is good, but it is slow going.  The temperatures are below freezing here, but no snow yet, so that is kind of nice.  I am going to buy a beanie today if we can find a cute one because my ears are freezing!

We had a baptism this week; someone the Elders were teaching.  It was really amazing to see someone making that covenant with the Lord.  It really strengthened my dedication to the Lord and His gospel.  The Spirit was really strong, and although I probably only understood a third of what was said when people were giving talks, I could feel the Spirit; it was amazing.  We hope to help many more people receive the blessing the Lord has in store for them!

This week the Lord also blessed me with a little glimpse of what He feels for His children in Slovenia.  We were tracting a block and after someone closed the door after finding out who we were, I just had this feeling, like I was so sad.  I realized how hard it must be for our Father in Heaven to see His children not accept the blessings He is trying to give them.  I just felt my heart saddened because these people are missing out on all the infinite peace that the gospel has to offer.  We are not trying to sell something; we aren’t getting paid for this; everything we are doing is because of a love for the people and a love for God, but they don’t understand that.  A lot of times they don’t see how much it can help them!  It is hard, and I feel so sorry for them, because there is so much more they could be getting out of life through the atonement of Jesus Christ.  I hope that one day they will all hear this wonderful message and accept it.

This week we also taught an awesome lesson to this guy who opened the door; we taught him in the stairwell.  He sat on the stairs while we talked about the Book of Mormon.  He said he would read it all, that he was simply curious and wanted to learn more.  So that was really a blessing.

Christmas decorations are all starting to get put up here, which is exciting.  I am looking forward to celebrating this time of the year by serving the Lord and really dedicating my time and self to Him.

Tomorrow we have zone conference which will be good, or so I hear.  Today we played some basketball in the park and went out to eat as a district.  We had čevapčiči, it was so good!  We have a blender in the apartment, so I have been able to make my own fruit smoothies.  If anyone has good blender recipes I would love to have them.  Although I can’t make green drink because I can’t find spinach here, only cabbage.  Maybe I will try it with cucumbers?  I am loving it!  Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!

Sestra Brown


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