Meanwhile…Somewhere in the Transylvanian Highland:

This week I was finally able to send pictures due to a reformatted SD card, yay!

On Friday we had our Christmas zone conference.  Brasov combined with the Bucuresti zones since the rest of our Sibiu zone will combine with the Arad zone and meet way over in Arad.  The conference was great.  We had a tie/scarf white elephant exchange, a large meal made by the senior couples (including American root beer cans, whoa), watched the mission’s yearly slideshow (compiled from sent-in pictures), listened to a lot of “dying missionaries’” (those going home soon) final “dying testimonies”, got some instruction/Christmas messages, and were able to talk to each other for bit.  It was so great to see so many from my original MTC group.  Hope I get to serve with some of them eventually.

In other news, we also all got this year’s edition of the Mission Cookbook, with which I made my first real recipe-based culinary creation…applesauce.  Home-made applesauce is legit, I must say.  I plan to try out a few more things this week, and am excited to learn how to make desserts especially.

I also got to shovel snow from out in front of the church.  Winter just keeps on getting better!  Sorry, I just love having a snowy winter.  Good thing I have boots (that’s to you, Mom) and a hat (and that to you, Moldova).

Also of note is the town’s center, which turned on the lights sometime between when we left and when we returned from Bucuresti.  It’s just so beautiful now!  It has a nativity and everything, and it seems new lights just keep popping up all the time (though I believe they are done now).


Elder Brown



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