Caroling & Culinary Creations

Hi everyone,

Well, I’m a bit short on time today, but I’ll see what I can cover.

As to Missionary Work, things are going along as usual.  We are spending most of our time going door-to-door in blocs, which are much easier to get into here in Romania than in Moldova.  In Chisinau, they do not have call-in number boxes on the outside, so we had to go around looking for an open door (there were more than you’d think there would be, #theWorkmustgoforth).  The other day we had the Ward Mission Leader go with us; it was really fun; he’s an awesome guy.  Oh, and I should probably mention the AWESOME lesson we had with an older man the other day.  The Sisters found him bloc-knocking and referred him to us.  He was open to listen to what we had to say, and I don’t remember having ever before seen someone who so readily understood and appreciated the sacrifice missionaries make.  He apologized that his people were rejecting us so much and encouraged us to keep on bloc-knocking.  He also said to make sure that the Sisters were doing so first, as people will more readily receive them (with which I agree; it’s just how it is).  Oh, and he gave a fascinating history of the country, too.

We went caroling last night near the city center.  The APs were here for a few hours due to a train lay-over…well, actually they’re still here, as their train arrived eighty minutes late.  Anyway, it helped to have more voices.

As to other things, the cooking is still going on.  This week I led in making “pepper steak” (beef + peppers + onion + garlic served over rice) and made my first baked creation (and brought it to district meeting), lemon bars.  The bars tasted ok, but made me a bit queasy.  Perhaps because of baking time/my misunderstanding how much butter to use (1 cup of butter melted apparently means you melt 1 cup of solid, uncompressed butter, not melt enough to make 1 liquid cup).  I’m not sure, but, hey, it was my first baked good.  My second, made last night, “apple crisp” seemed to go much better (it also probably helped that I used a pot, smaller than the too-large pan I used for the lemon bars).  Apple treats always provide a good balance of fruit and sugar.

Well, we need to go eat and go to Bran Castle soon, so that’s all for now.


Elder Brown


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