Run, Sarah, Run!


It is really starting to look like Christmas here.  They have put up a lot of Christmas lights in the city center and they lit up the castle and everything.  Also the snow has started and it’s regularly 0 or below during the day, which makes tracting fun.

This week we had an activity where we played human foosball in the garage of the church, with noodles and a soccer ball and everything.  It was really fun, especially trying to play in a skirt and proselyting shoes.

We also met some really cool people this week.  It was great to see the miracles that the Lord brought to pass this week.  We found some people who we hadn’t been able to meet with before, so that was a wonderful miracle.  I wish more people would be open to hearing what we have to say, we aren’t trying to sell anything, only help in the ways that we know how!  My companion and I need friends, too!  Just be open to talking with us, we want to meet you and get to know you and be your friend!

This week was the Primary program in the branch.  It was so cute to see!  One of the children in the program was from the US because we have a family from the United States in the branch.  She spoke all her parts in Slovene and sang with the other Slovene children!  It was so inspiring!  If she can master this language, and talk about the simple truths with the Spirit, I can too!  It was awesome.

The only thing that I wish wouldn’t happen so often is the running.  I feel like the majority of my mission life is spent running, and I can’t say I particularly like it.  It probably doesn’t happen that often, but sometimes I find myself running for a bus or a train, just to see it pull away.  It is particularly frustrating when the bus leaves early and you made it to the bus station on time.  But I really just need to learn how to run faster and walk faster as well.  The other missionaries tell me it will come with time.

I hope this Christmas season everyone is remembering the true spirit of Christmas.  This is a wonderful time to make and set goals for the future and to remember Christ and all that He has done for us!  Hope you are having a great week.

Sestra Brown


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