Christmas Parties and Gifts – Missionary Style???

živijo! vesel Božič!!

This week was fun as the Christmas festivities really started to multiply.  On Thursday we went down to Zagreb for the mission wide Christmas party!  It was awesome to see my old companion and my MTC group, as well as to meet all the new missionaries.  We had a lot of wonderful food, took a mission group picture, and received some additional training.  Other than a few minor visa issues, and a nervous moment on the train while crossing the border, all of us who planned to go, made it safely into Croatia.  We even got to ride in what is referred to by other missionaries as the “Harry Potter train”!  We crammed our whole district, all eight of us, into one compartment, it was a blast!  At the party we did a lot of things, but the greatest thing was the white elephant exchange.  We divided up into small groups and exchanged gifts.  The gifts among our group were pretty dull except for a toilet plunger, but other groups were hilarious.  The best gift was a mannequin head, a real one from a store.  Supposedly the missionary who brought the head spent a long time asking different shop owners if he could buy the display head, and they kept telling him it wasn’t for sale and that he was crazy.  But eventually he found one!  It was pretty hilarious.

This week we also had our branch Christmas party which was great.  The missionaries were supposed to do a skit.  So we decided to do “How the Grinch stole Christmas”.  I was a Who and my companion was a Christmas tree, it was hilarious!!  Of course we messed up our lines and all that, but the best part was my companion’s costume…complete with flashing lights!

With the new year approaching and Christmas almost upon us, I just was thinking how important it is to remember why we have Christmas.  This Christmas I would encourage you to reflect on your spiritual progression this past year and really decide to do something for the Savior.  He has given everything for us, and it is only through Him that we can receive all that our Father has for us.  How much more giving should we be?  How much more kind?  How much more dedicated to living His gospel?  This Christmas season let us really try and be the personification of the Christmas Spirit or in other words, Christ’s Spirit!

I love all of you and wish you all the very best this Christmas season!  Make sure that you make the most of your time with your family and friends.  Time is one of the greatest gifts that we have been given!

Love and holiday wishes

Sestra Brown


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  1. Aloha! MELE KALIKIMAKA. Having watched you and others that has been part of my life become the sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father and Big Brother gives so much warmth in my heart and testifies of the Love our Savoir has for all of us. I pray that you’ll have a wonderful experience as you share your love and testimony to all you touch while serving. Looking forward to your return and report. Hopefully I’ll still be serving on the HC. The Macanas Ohana sends their Love and support to you and Elder Brown.
    Ma Halo and Aloha

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