“O Youth of the Noble Birthright, Carry On, Carry On, Carry On!”


This past week was pretty crazy, but things are starting to get back to normal, besides the fireworks which always seem to be going off here.  They always remind me that there are only a few more days until the New Year!  Apparently this means that we are going to be in the middle of World War III on New Year’s Eve with so many fireworks going off.  So that will be interesting.

On Christmas Eve we caroled in the middle of town.  It was so beautiful with the giant Christmas tree.  Although many people wouldn’t let us sing to them, it was still fun.  On Christmas we had a great waffle breakfast with our district and played board games.  Then we went over to a member’s house to Skype with our families.  It was great to talk to my family and I’m glad that they are doing well.  There weren’t very many people to meet with this week because it was the holidays, but that didn’t stop us from contacting and tracting!  We were even able to meet with one of our potentials who agreed to continue to listen and visit with us!  So that was awesome.

But the really great part of this week was church.  The youth had youth conference this week, which means that all the youth in the mission came up for a couple of days to Ljubljana, making a full church on Sunday!  The energy was so amazing; I could just feel the Spirit really strong.  It was also amazing because the youth put on the sacrament meeting program.  I got to hear Bosnian, Serbian, and Croatian translated into Slovenian.  That was a really cool experience.  The youth of the church are really great!  Most of these members are truly pioneers in their respective countries.  I also got to talk to the senior couples from these countries and that was fun.

With the New Year coming, I am really focusing on the goals that I have for the next year.  It is an exciting time and I feel so blessed by the opportunity I have to serve the Lord and accomplish His work.  I hope this next year we can all strive to do a little better and come closer to Christ!

Wishing you all the best,

Sestra Brown


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