Post Christmas: Back to Your Lives Citizens…and Write Your Church Talks!

Well, here it is, the post-Christmas-week entry.

This week we went caroling with two members from the branch.  We visited a few members and, yeah, it was alright.  We caroled during the day, and afterward, Skyped our families.  I feel like the outside world’s frozen since I’ve left, since they’re just how I remember them five months ago.  Well, save the fact that Naomi seems to have finally made the transition to British-public-broadcasting fanaticism.  Everyone’s got to hit that phase eventually, though Sarah gets full credit in this case, since I wasn’t very interested into spreading what I was watching…else perhaps my little brother would be into Star Trek…hmm…

We got back from Skyping late into the evening, which meant I had to get right on finishing the apple pie (which turned out LEGIT).  Unfortunately, I forgot it in the morning.  Our district met up that morning at the senior couple’s home for a Christmas breakfast/gift exchange.  I had wanted to make a surprise contribution to the awesome breakfast that the senior couple had prepared for us…oh well; it was still an ok surprise the next day for our weekly district meeting.  That night we visited a member’s home who had invited us for Christmas dinner.  We shared a Christmas message with him and his parents.  We also had intended to watch one of the two movies we get to watch for the holidays while there, but ended up not doing so.  We’ll have to do that later, probably tomorrow, as New Year’s Eve won’t be a very effective time to proselyte; so yeah, cheesecake coming soon…

Thursday, as Ham (Toy Story 1) would put it, it was time to “go back to your lives, citizens.”  We did a little bit of bloc-knocking that day.  It went as it normally does; with the exception that one lady asked if we were there to carol when she opened her door.

Friday morning, after studies, I found out that I was to give a talk on Sunday, on doing missionary work as Christ did.  The talk was to be about twenty minutes.  I’ve never written a talk that long in English, much less in Romanian.  So Saturday was a bit of a crunch, it felt just like college (good times, good times).  Luckily, we were sick that day (as were the Sisters, hmm…guess that day just wasn’t meant for missionaries to be out), so I had a good amount of time to write.  Unfortunately, this meant I felt awful that day (well, I was alright after I took some ibuprofen), and I had to stay up when sick to write my talk.

The talk, in English, was about fifteen minutes when I finished it.  It was a little bit longer when I finally got it all into Romanian, but I didn’t have time to practice or time it before I had to give it.  Well, as it turns out, I don’t read Romanian as proficiently as I read English, and after thirty minutes (I just had gotten to the conclusion), I got signaled to wrap it up.  I thought my reading and structure weren’t very good, but people seemed to receive it well, so I guess I got the job done.

Have a happy new year!

Elder Brown


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