Welcome 2014!!!

Salut, cei care citesc acest blog.

This was another cool week.

Tuesday was New Year’s Eve.  For the Christmas and New Year holiday period, we were permitted to watch two approved movies.  We watched our first on New Year’s Eve in theaters, and I was happy to see that I could understand some of the subtitles given to the Orcs and Elves.  Yay knowing some Romanian!  The rest of the second Hobbit movie was understandable, as it was in English (there’s a good reason so many people learn English, how else would they be able to enjoy American entertainment?), subtitled in Romanian.

We were also allowed to stay up a little past midnight, and went out to the New Year’s Eve gathering in the city center (go to a Eastern-European block party, check).  Fireworks, lanterns (which still always remind me of Tangled…why don’t Americans do those?), and disturbed bats (I love bats, as a side-note) crowded the air.

We watched our second movie, Despicable Me 2, at the senior couple’s home the next day.  I made cheesecake for this gathering (meaning that there was a district meeting without food, gasp!).  It was another success, though in retrospect, I should have made it so that the crust wasn’t glued to the bottom on the pot.  It didn’t really get eaten very much at all…I had a lot of dessert for the rest of the week.

We went to Sacele again the next day later into the afternoon, though we weren’t able to meet with anyone, unfortunately.  I’ve seen that village both in day and in night now.  It looks most legit at night, in my opinion.

On Friday, we went with the senior couple to check out a few apartments, as there’s going to be four Elders in Brasov this coming transfer!  I’m staying, but my companion is leaving.  One of the sisters is also leaving to Cluj; she’s been here for a very long time.  The two new Elders will be a trainer and his trainee, so the Brasov district will remain young.  Unfortunately, it seems there’ll be a foursome in our apartment for a while…might get a bit cramped.

La Revedere,

Elder Brown

P.S.  Fun fact:  La Revedere = Arrivederci = Au Revoir.  All mean “to the re-seeing”.  Not sure why Spanish doesn’t have a goodbye expression with the same root (from what I’ve heard).


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