Snoozing through the Mayhem…


Not much happened this week because of New Year’s Eve, which was pretty uneventful for us.   We went to a member’s house for dinner though, and that was wonderful.  The rest of the day we just did missionary work like normal.  Around 9pm people started setting off fireworks all over the place.  It was really cool and kind of scary because you never knew when they were going to get set off, or from where:  the top of the building, the middle of the street, or the closest trash can.  But I can safely say that I made it out unscathed!  So that is awesome.

Today we are having a zone P-day in Celje…that will be fun.  After I finish writing this, we will be going to a restaurant, and then to the local church on the hill.  It should be pretty fun.  I will take pictures, don’t worry!  It has been raining like crazy lately and everything is flooded.  But it is really beautiful.  And since it has been raining, it is not that cold.

This week we have seen so many blessings.  One day this week everyone we called made an appointment for lessons!  We went from lesson to lesson all day and dropped in on someone on a whim and they were home!  It was really a blessing.

I also have been thinking about all that I want to accomplish this year.  Naturally I made about 20 goals.  But then we had a really good Relief Society lesson on Sunday about goals.  They threw five balls at one of the sisters, and she couldn’t catch all of them.  Then they threw the balls one at a time and she was able to catch each one.  The point being…you should prioritize your goals.  So this week I am really going to focus on not trying to do all these things at once, but just take things one at a time.

Hope everyone had a great New Year’s.  I slept through all the festivities.  Happy New Year!

Sestra Brown


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