“Seek Me Diligently and Ye Shall Find Me; Ask, and Ye Shall Receive”


This week was transfer week, and this was my favorite transfer day yet (no packing, border crossings, overnight-Soviet trains, what wasn’t to love?).  My companion and I came back up to Brasov on the 3:30pm train.  We went to the apartment, realizing that we’d have to go back and pick up the new set of Elders at the train station when they arrived.  As we ended up with their new phone, and as neither of them knew the area whatsoever, it was a little concerning when they weren’t at the station when we expected them.  We got there at 9:00pm, which is when we expected them.  The 9:00pm train from Bucuresti (the one we thought they’d be on) had arrived a little early, and was empty.  Um, so yeah, that didn’t seem good.  There was, however, another train coming in at 9:33pm, so we waited for that one as there wasn’t much else we could do (they clearly weren’t around the station anywhere).  I might have offered a small, silent prayer that they’d be on the train.  It arrived.  At first, I didn’t think that they were on it; it seemed to me as though everyone had gotten off.  But we walked towards the back of the train through the heavy fog and found them amongst the last few to get off.  Crisis averted.  After that we all went home and I finished the orange chicken I had been marinating since the night before.

The next day involved a lot of de-cluttering, cleaning, and even some shopping (to last us until today).  The apartment now feels more like a home and is better suited for four people.

We had district meeting on Friday and looked at three more apartments.  It has been decided that both companionships will be moving out of our current apartment.  One of the three apartments we looked at has already been approved, so hopefully the contracts will be signed quickly and we can at least solve part of the housing problem soon.

We met with an investigator before church on Sunday, and got the branch mission leader to be present at the lesson.  We had met with this investigator the week before at about the same time, where he said that he’d be willing to set a baptismal date the following week (he wasn’t willing to set one right then).  He said he wanted to read more of the Book of Mormon first.  He also said he’d be busy with work that week (so we wouldn’t be able to meet during the week).  Other than this small lesson, I’d only seen this investigator once, and I didn’t really get to meet him properly then (when he came to Church).  Anyway, yesterday’s lesson focused on prayer and finding out the truth through prayer (specifically, of the Book of Mormon).  The investigator said that he hadn’t prayed specifically to know that the Book of Mormon was true, but he had read out of it and felt good about it.  My companion and the branch mission leader bore their testimonies about prayer as the lesson progressed, and at the end of the lesson, I promised him that he would receive an answer if he prayed (including a very small bit of my testimony in the process).  We had intended to only soft-commit him to be baptized (i.e. to be baptized when he found out that it was true), but when this was brought up, he said that he had told the Elders in the last lesson that he was interested in being baptized (which, he had), so my companion asked him if he would commit to a date, and he did.  It’s awesome to see people sincerely seek the truth.

My new companion likes to cook (brownies in particular, which he has already made twice) and have a clean kitchen, so that is awesome.  It’s interesting to see a missionary-in-training and remember my first transfer.  Makes me feel old/experienced/happy that I feel adjusted to missionary life (which just feels normal now).  It also makes me realize how much the mission has changed me already.  It’s pretty crazy.  The new sister missionary is really energetic, which is good, because the Sisters are so busy that they had to move their P-day to Wednesday (yup, in my opinion, sister missionaries are just destined to be successful).

That’s all for now,

Elder Brown


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