Sickness, Blessings…and Propolis Throat Spray?


Well, transfers came and went, that exciting time where nobody is supposed to guess where they will be moved, but everyone secretly does.  When we get the phone call, everybody either says nothing or a resounding, “I knew it!”  My companion and I are staying together for 9 more, what we know will be gloriously productive and enjoyable, weeks!  I couldn’t be happier.

We also had zone conference this week on Friday.  It was wonderfully inspiring, like always (kot vedno).  I was really uplifted and edified as we practiced introducing the Book of Mormon, inviting others to act, and talking about personal conversion.

This week was also a little strange in that for the majority of the week I was on my death bed.  On Wednesday both my companion and I got hit pretty hard with a virus.  We were supposed to go to a member’s house, but on our way there, my companion decided it would be a bad idea.  That turned out to be true, because in about 15 minutes she lost her breakfast.  Needless to say, it was not a nice time.  But I can safely say that she is back to the picture of health.  As far as me, I am doing better than I have since I got here, and I really do feel that it has been a miracle.  After throwing up and almost passing out, I received another blessing from the Elders, who told me later, that I wasn’t looking so good.  Well, no wonder, I lost 6 lbs this week!  I slept the rest of the day and woke up the next day feeling good as new, just super exhausted.  I know that it is a blessing from the Lord so that I can do His work.  Also Sestra Rowe, our mission president’s wife, gave me this stuff that supposedly you only can get over here (probably because it’s effective).  It’s a throat spray that is made from bee secretions.  It’s not honey, but it’s also found in beehives.  It’s supposed to have special sealing and anti-fungal and anti-bacterial powers.  They have found whole mice preserved in hives, kind of mummified in this stuff.  It traps all the bacteria in the mice.  That’s gross and kind of cool, and it’s also what I sprayed in my throat to get better.  So thank you Sestra Rowe!

Other than possibly offending some people because we didn’t understand their Slovene, this week wasn’t so bad.  We agreed to do something we didn’t know we agreed to.  Then it fell through and we got yelled at (Aka…we need to learn Slovene).  English classes started up again which is really exciting.  The sun has been coming out a couple of times this week, which has been really a big blessing.  This week I also have been studying Isaiah a lot more.  It is so interesting to see what has been copied to the Book of Mormon and what hasn’t.  President Rowe also has asked us to study what it means to labor in the Spirit.  So I am trying to apply that in my life.  Also this week at the store we found humus, but no peanut butter, which I think is really funny.

We might be in a “nice war” with the Elders…which my companion and I decided will not detract from the work during the week, but is a fun P-day activity.  We are determined to win, lol.  My companion made the Elders homemade chicken noodle soup this week because they were sick.  Nothing as bad as me, but I think I am responsible, so we made them some soup.

I hope that everyone is enjoying life.  The time we have to learn here is such a blessing!  I hope that you are really using it the best you can!

All the best!

Sestra Brown


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