A Visit to Sibiu

I ought to be a speed-typer by the end of this mission…

This Tuesday we traveled to Sibiu for a zone training meeting.  While the district leaders and zone leaders were having their meeting before the main meeting, the rest of us went street contacting.  We split up, as mob-contacting isn’t too effective, and I got to hang out a bit with Elder L (the one from my MTC group, that is, not his cousin who is also in our mission).  Yep, still love everybody from my MTC group; it was a great time catching up and contacting.  We then regrouped and headed back to the church villa.  The senior couple came in with the Brasov Sisters and honked at us just as we were getting to the building.  The meeting was awesome.  My companion and I gave the third presentation.  We presented on SYL, which stands for “speak your language”, meaning the language of your mission.  Our presentation didn’t have the production value of the previous two, which both involved acting and food, but it was still alright, in my opinion.  After the meeting, Elder C gave the zone the ties (for the Elders) and earrings (for the sisters) that his mom had sent for his zone last transfer, along with CDs she had produced.  Also after the meeting, Elder L showed off his yo-yo prowess to the zone (which must be experienced, not described).

As the Brasov district, we were going to go look at a bit more of Sibiu before leaving.  We almost got to the Bridge of Lies (the first cast iron bridge in Romania…local legend says if you tell a lie on the bridge, it will collapse) when a woman yelled “Mormon Missionaries!!!” and started to lope-leap over to us.  Apparently she was a member visiting Sibiu to pick up her niece, who at just 15 years old had just finished 9 months at a “work-away” program in a monastery near Timisoara, with no prior experience with Romanian.  That explained the two nuns sitting on the bench some way to the right.  Talk about intense.

Though we arrived by train, we returned by maxi-taxi.  On that ride I found out that I am quite unfamiliar with the indie bands of the day; oh well, listening to music is just not what I was into.

On Wednesday I made peach cobbler, and in district meeting the next day, we ate it.  Hooray for fruit desserts!

On Thursday night we met with a family my companion had found in the area book from a 5-year-old record (he found a lot of potential investigators for us that way).  The questions they asked made the lesson a bit scattered, and while we had been intending to teach a Restoration lesson, they said they’d been wondering “where we will go after this life” and such things, so it quickly turned into a Plan of Salvation lesson.  At the end of the visit, the small 8-year-old son (they have two boys) came up to us, handed us two scraps of paper, and asked us to draw him something.  It was pretty cute.  The pressure was on (well, for me, at least; my companion intends to just trace some Calvin & Hobbes).

On Friday we moved into our new apartment!  That the mission was able to find one and that we were able to move so quickly was amazing; it must be some sort of record.  The new apartment is seriously awesome.  The landlord lives next door, and…yeah, I like it.  We also met again with the investigator who is preparing for baptism.  The same member was present (what’s up with all of these member-presents and lessons lately?), and another member should be present for our next lesson (Tuesday); so that’s epic.

Church was interesting yesterday in that, for the third hour, we were asked to help with Primary.  The teacher didn’t show up that day, and…I’m not good with kids!  Well, it wasn’t too bad since the Sisters were there and my companion is good with kids (though, to me, almost everyone is, other than me, that is), but still, it was pretty crazy.


Elder Brown

Elder Brown in Sibiu

Elder Brown in Sibiu

Bridge of Lies - It's Small

Liar’s Bridge – It’s Small


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  1. Hei buna Sebastian sint sigura ca tu faci treaba buna acolo,si vreau sa ti multumesc pentru acest lucru,.

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