Happiness is…


I don’t have much time to write this week, so I will just share a couple of quick things.

This week my companion and I got stuck on a fire escape.  “What were we doing there?” might be a reasonable question to ask.  Well, this is what I will say:  We were tracting an apartment block and decided to have lunch.  We normally don’t have lunch, but we thought maybe it would help us feel better, and we really wanted the study time.  It was raining and we thought it would be awkward to eat outside someone’s front door, so we went out onto the fire escape of this 14 story building.  Well, we didn’t think the door closed all the way behind us, but after we were done we went to open it and it wouldn’t budge.  So we walked all the way down the escape just to realize the stairs were pulled up on the bottom and the distance was too far to drop down.  Also, the stairs were hooked up to a pulley system that would not budge.  Back up we went.  We called the Elders, who thought it was a joke or something, while I banged on the door.  Finally, a man came and opened the door.  We walked into the building like nothing was happening, but you should have seen the way he looked at us.  Yes, I know we are two crazy Americans.  Who got stuck on a fire escape…lol.

My companion also decided this week to let me lead us around…not a good idea since I have just been following her, and don’t really know which bus goes where, etc…  Needless to say, she has been very patient with me this week.  We got lost on the first day and it took us an hour to walk back to the city center because I overshot the bus stop…and was in the wrong part of town…my bad.  Haha!

This week I also learned something really cool during Sunday School.  Out here a lot of the other missionaries have told me that when I’m not having a good day to “fake it till I make it”, or better yet as one Elder said, “faith it till you make it”.  I might have to trademark that phrase if he hasn’t already.  But sometimes I don’t like this attitude; I don’t feel like I should have to fake being happy, I should just be happy.  Well, when I was sitting in Sunday School, the teacher was saying that the point of this life is to be happy, and really if we aren’t happy, then it is because we are choosing not to be.  That is hard because it puts all the responsibility on you.  But then he said, “Happiness is really just feeling the love of God”.  Then something clicked for me.  This is something that I can feel all the time and it can make me happy, not the fake kind of happy, but really truly happy.  The love of God is something that can make me strong, can help me overcome any problem, and can help me feel peace.  Happiness, when it comes from this source, is more than happiness because it comes with a sense of confidence, peace, and contentment with your life and what you are doing with it.  This revelation, while probably obvious, really changed my outlook on life and just my day to day thoughts.

I hope that you are all doing well!  Have a great week!

Sestra Brown


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  1. Thank you, Sarah! Beacuse I saw Beverly Cutting had remarked, I wanted to check out this entry (I don’t get to check everyone each week). I appreciate the reminder that happiness is my choice. I can slow down (or be still) and feel the Lord’s love, and Remember, just remember. . .That reconnects me with true happiness. It is good to read of your experience(s) and have great reminders!

  2. Beverly Cutting

    I really appreciate your insights on happiness! I’m posting reminders of it on my mirrors. Awesome insight Sarah!
    Bev Cutting

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