“Miracles Happen, No Big Deal”

Hello everybody,

Story of the week:  We had intended on Monday to have a lesson at the church with one of our potentials (on P-day, wait, what??), but for some reason he seemed to have waited for us at the bus stop and then left (even though the church is about a minute’s stroll from the bus stop).  We got candy at Lidl after that, and hung out at the senior couple’s (still awesome) with our district for the rest of the evening. We also set up with the potential investigator for the next day (at the bus stop).

He didn’t show up.

We went home after that (for language study or lunch or something)…we just really felt like we needed to get inside for a bit; it’s not fun being bunged…or well, we almost did.  We were just about there when we got a call.  The man on the phone said (more or less), “hey, I’m at your church; there’s nobody here”.  Well, umm, yeah, I suppose there wasn’t.  We asked him if he could wait about twenty minutes for us to get there.  He said he would.  We rushed over in a taxi.  He was waiting with an umbrella.  We met him and he said, “I got one of your cards yesterday (he had an English card), but I’m really not interested in English, could we talk about your Church instead?”  Umm, let me think…YES!  We went into the church and taught the Restoration lesson.  We asked if there was another time we could meet, and once he found out that we were free whenever, he asked if we could meet the next day.  So we taught him the beginning of the Plan of Salvation the next day.

Seriously, though, this kind of thing just doesn’t happen…but it did!  So yeah, miracles happen, no big deal.

In other news, I made carrot cake this week and my companion made zucchini bread.  I knew where the Sisters’ apartment was (more or less), so we successfully surprised them with zucchini bread, although it took trudging through a snowstorm to do it.  Spring is evidently over and the snow/cold is back.  One of the Elders in our district (also from California) had fun with the snow on Sunday, shoveling and sliding.  I remember my first Brasov snow experience…good times, good times.  Apparently, Californians love snow.

Elder Brown


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