Palačinke, Pastries, & Inappropriate Footwear


I had a lot of emails to answer this week, so thanks for that everybody!  It really made me feel loved, but it will probably make this email a little bit shorter than usual.

This week we taught more lessons than we ever had before.  We really had been praying for miracles, so when I heard about all the miracles from other missionaries around the world, I knew that our prayers had been answered!  We are hoping that next week we continue the pattern.

But probably the funniest thing that happened this week was my companion getting chewed out by one of the old members of the branch.  We went to visit her on a rainy/snowy day and my companion insisted on wearing flats.  But this week the weather has been horrible!  First it snowed, which was fine.  But then it sleeted, or ice rained, and everything froze and it was just horrible.  Of course we didn’t bring umbrellas, because we thought it wouldn’t be that bad, and my companion said she didn’t want one.  Anyway, we showed up at this sister’s house wet, came inside, and talked with her.  She is the sweetest old lady and makes really good food.  As we were leaving, she saw my companion’s shoes when she was putting them on (side note: in Slovenia you take off your shoes at the front of the house and the person who is hosting provides what are called, copati, or slippers for the guest until they leave).  She joked about my companion’s shoes at first, but then as we were leaving she got really serious.  I was scared for my companion.  She waved her finger and told her that she can’t wear shoes like that; she can only wear shoes like that in the summer.  She said she was her grandma here and that she better listen to what she has to say and obey!  Also, she told her that if she kept wearing shoes like that, she would not be able to have children.  Again, I was scared for my companion, but she promised she would always wear boots from now on, and then the member started laughing like it had been a big joke.  It wasn’t, trust me!  So that was pretty funny.

This week we also went to the Branch President’s house by train and had dinner.  He made us palačinke in a giant grill, stir fry sized pan.  They were pretty much bigger than my face.  The previous record for eating palačinke was four at one meal.  My companion and I ate five each.  He said we were a pretty unified companionship.  I agree, we are having the time of our lives, and yes, that does include eating five monster palačinke.

We challenged someone to stop smoking this week and she said she will try and smoke less and less each day.  That was pretty cool.  We have faith in her and I know she will become a member.  We also met with a referral we had received from President Rowe, a girl who works at a pastry shop.  First, the pastries are soooo good.  The shop is owned by a Japanese guy who trained in France.  So good!  Second, our referral is awesome!  She has a lot of good questions and we actually feel like we are just real friends, which is a refreshing change from always being looked at like salesmen.  I can’t wait to meet with her again.  She is so open to new things and learning about different religions.  I can’t wait until she understands and feels how important this gospel is for her!

Overall, it has been a good week.  I am hoping that next week will be even better!  All the best,

Sestra Brown


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