i’m lovin’ it

This time on the Dist-…um, blog channel…

We had interviews with President and Sora Hill on Tuesday, which were nice as always.

Also, on Thursday, we went to Feldioara so that my companion could perform the baptismal interview for one of the Sister’s investigators.  (Editor’s note:  Sebastian and his companion are currently assigned to two branches, one in the city of Brasov and the other in the village of Feldioara)  The proprietara’s (property owner’s) puppy is the best.  The Sisters went and got snacks from the local alimentara (convenience store) franchise while my companion was interviewing.  When they returned, one of the Sisters had both the puppy and the cat hooked on the snacks (seeing a cat eat processed snacks…so bizarre).  The interviewee passed, and she was baptized on Saturday, which was so awesome.  Quite a few people showed up to church in Brasov on Sunday, and the room where we hold church in Feldioara was PACKED (literally every chair was in use).  Granted, all the missionaries were there, and also some members from Brasov for the confirmation, but it was still quite the turnout from the local Feldioarans (24 or so).

Speaking of the day of the baptism, you know you’ve hit a linguistic zenith when your district trusts you to go on splits with the boboc (duckling, i.e. greenie) to get them $20 worth of McDonald’s while they give the spiritual thought following English class (we didn’t have much time as the baptism was an hour later, and there’s a McDonald’s close to the church).

Oh, and for anyone who is following my baking saga (no longer one of cooking, I’ve decided), I made Snickerdoodles last week.  I asked everyone in the district what’s their favorite dessert flavor.  As a result, this week will involve a lot of chocolate (and a few cherries for one person).

All the best,

Elder Brown

i'm lovin' it

i’m lovin’ it


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  1. Hi Elder Brown,
    It is so enlightening to read of your experiences there! Thank you so much. It helps me feel a wonderful missionary spirit to read of them. I didn’t know you were such a cook!
    You are constantly in our prayers. Love, Sister Wardria Carman

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