Reaching Our Potential and Sun, Glorious Sun!


This week not much happened, however my companion and I are excited for next week.  We feel very confident that now is the time to help a greater amount of people!  It is very exciting!

This week we had a conference with one of the area seventy, Elder Charles.  We had to go to Zagreb for the conference, which means that we had a beautiful train ride to enjoy the view at 6 in the morning!  Haha.  The conference was great.  It focused on receiving personal revelation for our lives and for the work.  We also did an exercise where we asked questions to our companion one after the other, just by following the Spirit.  It was a cool exercise and it was crazy how unifying it was.  We also played a game where we had to use an object, go up to our companion, and try and begin a gospel conversation based on the object as quickly as possible.  Of course, my companion and I got picked to demonstrate because we were both looking down trying not to get picked; sometimes we are too unified…lol.  But she was holding a pink iPad, so I started talking about her favorite color.  It felt really awkward in front of everyone, but we all had a good laugh about it.  It was also cool to be back at the mission office, it reminded me of my first day in the mission field.  It is so hard to describe that feeling, but it is definitely an “Eastern European” feeling!  It was really cool to remember my first impressions and experiences again.  I have changed so much since then, and I have so much to do still.

I learned a lot personally from the conference, but the biggest thing to learn for me was just living up to my potential.  We all have a work to do on this earth and God has blessed us with so much potential.  We should be using it to help and bless others!  We should be actively seeking what we need to be doing so that we can reach our full potential!  Sometimes our doubts and fears are the only things holding us back from achieving what we were meant to achieve.  I know that sometimes this is the case for me when it comes to speaking the Slovenian language.  Even if I doubt that I really know the word for something, I should just go for it!  This week my companion and I are really trying to live up to our full potential and we have set some high goals to achieve!

In other news, the weather is starting to warm up!  Today was so beautiful and sunny.  I literally had forgotten what the sun feels like and it was so strange to see that the sky was blue.  I had forgotten that there was something behind the clouds!  Vitamin D really does make a difference.  It was amazing to see how much better a mood people were in because the sun was out.  I am looking forward to spring, it will be beautiful.  Unfortunately tomorrow it is supposed to rain again.  But one day it will be sunny for more than a day, I have faith in this.  Anyway, I hope that you all enjoyed this week and are doing well.  Thanks for the letters and emails.

Sestra Brown


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