Referrals, Slackers, & Flourless Bread

Hi everyone,

This was an exciting week for the Brasov district as a whole.  The baptism we had last month for a woman in Feldioara seems to have been the spark Feldioara needed, as it has cascaded into member referrals (and a jaw-dropping (though perhaps not too many for other missions) number of baptismal dates for the Sisters).  They also announced in church at Feldioara that they were talking to Germany about having the Church construct a building for them (as they can’t rent anything past the room they have now).  I doubt it’ll be a chapel as there’s not enough members, but still, struggling group >> branch with a building?  I have a testimony of the power of Sister Missionaries.

Speaking of referrals, the Sisters passed a woman in her 40s (with a baptismal date), to us this week (due to the presence of teenage sons in her home).  One of the sons in particular seems legitimately interested, and several of the men in the family (who are not investigating) did say they’d be at tonight’s activity in Feldioara.  The woman has a very, very strong desire for baptism.  We taught a lesson about prayer on Wednesday, and the Restoration yesterday.  Yesterday’s lesson was really cool from a linguistic standpoint.  The Romanian just flowed forth.  I didn’t have to think very much, just talk.  It was a strong testimony to me of the gift of tongues.  We traded off well as a companionship in that lesson.  I’ve been having some difficulty fully participating in lessons on my mission.  I usually end up letting my companion do most of the talking, generally because I have felt I just don’t know what to say next or where to take it.

This lesson, however, didn’t go like that.  We each participated almost equally.  Much of my fasting that day was dedicated to learning the courage to participate and teach in lessons as indicated.  The Romanian wasn’t going super-quickly at the beginning (likely attributed to getting started, screaming children (they do have eleven, after all), etc.), but I picked up momentum, and it was fairly easy to just participate and teach by the end, which is exciting to think about.  I’m very glad I was so blessed through my fast.

On Monday we went bowling and slack-line contacting.  One of the Elders got permission for the latter, though from our attempt to do it again yesterday, apparently the law isn’t into us doing it where we were?  (Random policeman walking through the woods?)

On Tuesday we had Zone Conference in Sibiu.  To our surprise, the other Elders said that they had brought breakfast, and then pulled out a bag of Honey Nut Cheerios.  To our further (and greater) surprise, they proceeded to pull out bowls, spoons, and a jug of milk.  The Sisters also brought two packs of muffins from Lidl.  So yeah, safe to say, it was the most epic train breakfast ever.

I made chocolate-chip cookies this week for district meeting.  The first batch turned out nice, but the second burned (they baked faster than expected, and I was in the bathroom rather than there monitoring them).  I also made zucchini bread again.  After a linguistically-depressing (quite the fail) phone call, I figured that baking the bread would help put me in a better mood.  I made the mixture, put it in the oven, and proceeded to the restroom (hmm…now I’m seeing a pattern for negative baking experiences…).

Well, this was being baked for us, not for the district, which always invites something to go wrong.  I walked out of the bathroom and noticed that I could already smell the bread, which was odd.  I went into the kitchen and turned on the oven-light…to find a bubbly, boiling mixture.  As now written in my companion’s quote-book, I realized that “I forgot the flour”.  Hey, there were a lot of dry ingredients.

Well, we figured we’d still try to save it.  So we took it out, I threw flour on it, threw it into the mixing bowl, and mixed it up.  It became dough, and back it went into the oven.  It didn’t rise as much as it was supposed to (it was thick), and we must have lost some of the mixture to boiling, but it’s hard to mess up something that it mainly sugar and flour, so it still tasted alright (and cooked really fast, as the mixture was already hot).

We intend to make a lot of recipes this week, including ratatouille (which I’m excited for), so that ought to be fun.


Elder Brown

P.S.  This Sunday was the first in which I was asked to say the sacrament prayer.  That was pretty intense.




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