“Behold, I Will Hasten My Work in Its Time”

Hello again,

Perhaps we misunderstood as missionaries last week, but it appears they are looking for a building in Feldioara, not intending to build one via the Church.  Although, even our mission president joked, “Looks like the first stake in Romania may be formed in Feldioara given the rate of growth they’re experiencing!! 😉 ” in this week’s email to the missionaries.  We had 51 people at Church there yesterday (counting children)!  It was mad, people even had to stand!  In addition to simple attendance, the Sisters keep popping baptismal dates out of the woodwork.

Our companionship and the Sisters were both in Feldioara on the way to visit people in the same area (which appears to be a highly receptive area).  The Sisters decided to talk to a woman they had seen before, but had never actually had a lesson or gospel conversation with.  They quickly set up a lesson with her, and while we got bunged for our lesson, we did get to sit in on theirs…and, yeah…instant baptismal date/visionary experience for the woman during the closing prayer??  Apparently that’s normal for them.   Anyway, the Sisters kept trying to switch the discussion over to us during the lesson, which I found odd, as wasn’t it to be their investigator?  Well, they passed her to us, as they simply have too many people to deal with at the moment.  We also got another investigator with a baptismal date passed to us from the Sisters, a younger man, but we haven’t been able to meet with him yet.  So yeah, crazy stuff (the likes of which our branch mission leader hasn’t seen in his entire member life, mission included).  We really need more room for people on Sundays.

I did SOOO MUCH BAKING THIS WEEK!  My companion claims that he’ll be fat after this transfer; I know that I already am in practice, if not in metabolism.

  • Monday – Brownies (to get rid of some old butter)
  • Tuesday – Banana bread (distributed later in the week) for the other two companionships (I think they deserved some for being so awesome)
  • Wednesday – Banana muffins (district meeting treat)
  • Friday – Cheesecake for one of the other Elder’s birthday on Saturday

In addition, we also made RATATOUILLE yesterday!!!  It was AWESOME!  It reminded me of goulash, but it didn’t have meat or potatoes, and used different vegetables.

That’s all for now,

Varstnicul Brown


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