Elder Bunyan???

Hi everybody,

This week we (Varstnicii districtului) got to chop wood at a member’s home in a village outside of Brasov as a service project.  I was pretty horrible at it, but I also claim that I got the bad pieces, so perhaps it wasn’t all my fault.

Back to food…(this is me we’re talking about), we (again, the Elders of the district) found and bought a 2-kilo pizza this week (only 39 lei!!!).  It was seriously massive, and also pretty good!!!  I have a good picture of us with it, but it’s not on my camera, so I can’t include it this week.

I also went on an exchange this week with the newest Elder in our district (who is in his second transfer), in which I was forced to speak a lot of Romanian over the phone, which mode of communication is a fear I’ve been struggling with.  So yeah, it was cool to see that I could (more or less) hold my own over the phone.  It’s my goal to further overcome this fear by talking more over the phone (which goal my companion just helped me work on by handing me an incoming Romanian phone call while I was writing this email, irritatingly enough…).  It’s just so cool to see how much the mission’s changed me already, and how the amount of personal change we experience is proportional to the amount of trials we face.

Other than that, I have to comment that I’ve been having a good time serving with my current companion.  It’s hard to believe it’s already the fifth week of this transfer!  Hopefully we get to stay together for the next one…

That’s all for now, folks!

Varstnicul Brown

Brown_pics 009


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