“Time to Put on My Big Girl Tights”


This week was one of the craziest weeks of my mission in terms of traveling, but it was also one of the most spiritual.  Monday and Tuesday were pretty normal, but Wednesday morning we were supposed to drive up to the women’s conference and we were going to pick up the Kranj sisters before the conference.  We walked out to the car, scraped off the frost, and then went to turn it on.  It didn’t make a sound, nothing happened.  My companion turned the key again (since I am not allowed to drive because of my supposedly aggressive driving style)…nothing.  She turned it again…nothing.  So we did what any good missionary would do, prayed and then looked for jumper cables.  Nothing.  But then our prayers were answered by a member of the branch!  He called us and asked if we had shaken the steering wheel.  We said “No”, because the key would turn all the way, so why would it be the steering wheel?  Well, we tried it and it worked!  Off we went, but an hour late, so we didn’t have time to make the yoga video…but its ok, we will make it later…haha.

We got to Zagreb right on time, and had a beautiful drive to the Mission President’s house.  They housed 36 sisters that night, what a feat!  We talked and were taught about the language of faith and the grace of the atonement.  Of course we had some trust building exercises and we also ate good food.  And then we played games with their family.  In the morning we had a testimony meeting.  It was wonderful and really rejuvenating.  But we had to drive back, so we pretty much lost Thursday and Wednesday to the conference.  On Friday we had district meeting and were supposed to have interviews, but on the way up President Rowe’s car broke…so that didn’t happen.

We found out about transfers this week.  It was so funny, I know that President Rowe is inspired because when he sat down with me to tell me about transfers he said, “So have you heard of a place called Trieste?”, with the straightest face ever.  You should have been there to see my reaction, but then he started laughing and said, “I’m kidding”.  I asked him if my companion had put him up to it and he said “No”, so I let it go.  But I have never told him about my obsession with Italy, so it was funny.  But anyway, transfers are here, and I am staying in Ljubljana for another 9 weeks, which will be great!  But unfortunately, my companion is getting moved to Maribor.  I know it is the Lord’s decision, but it will be hard for me to see her go, I really love her and we were just getting started.  My new companion I also knew in the MTC.  It will be fun to serve together with her.  It will definitely be a stretch for me, since now I am the one who knows the area best etc…  But I think the Lord wants me to realize how competent I am and that I can do this.  I am a strong missionary and I know that with His help I will be able to do anything!

This area has grown so much with my companion, and I know the Lord needs her in Maribor.  I just feel like now, leaving my trainer, it is time to “put on my big girl tights” and really take responsibility for myself.  I think we might get lost a couple of times in the coming week, but I know that it will be a wonderful growing experience!  When President told me the news, I was filled with so much peace; I know that it is the right time for a change.

Hope you have a great week!

Sestra Brown


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