Time For a Forest Hike…

Hello everyone!

This was a busy week.  We went hiking with the Ploiesti District at a place just outside of the Brasov city limits.  It was super-beautiful, and now I can say that I’ve hiked in a Romanian forest!  I got some great pictures.  I was also able to hang-out with the Elders from the Ploiesti District, discover (along with everyone else) what might be a new species of mountain beetle (they were such a bright green!), show how crazy I was by standing underneath (showering for a few seconds) a large, trickle-style waterfall, and climb over a bunch of stuff (always a blast).

We also had Zone Conference on Friday, for which we went to Bucuresti.  That was also fun.  I got to see a lot of people and hear a lot of “dying testimonies”, which were good, especially those of the senior couple working in the office.  I also got to use the metro again!  (What, I’m not obsessed.)  I don’t think I’ll get over how awesome the metro is relative to buses…but seriously, super-quick underground trains?  Always legit.

We also had Brasov’s branch conference this week.  There were a ton of people there, as they bused in the Feldioara group to the Brasov chapel.  It was fun, and I even got to translate for one of the senior missionaries present during Priesthood (which could have gone better, but oh well…).  Translating is pretty fun, even if it’s not always the easiest thing to do (understanding is one thing, but understanding while you have to talk and not be able to concentrate fully while doing so, is quite another).  It makes you really feel like you know another language and also makes you realize just how cool being bilingual (more or less) is.

That’s all for this week I’m afraid, but many lessons and another Peles Castle trip are planned for the coming week,

Varstnicul Brown



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