Happy Birthday Sarah!


Things are going well here in Ljubljana, except it’s raining like crazy, right when I thought that it would be only sunny days ahead.  On Tuesday I got my new companion, and I have to say that it is definitely different working with somebody new.  I was sad to leave my old companion, but I love my new companion, she is so loving and accepting and such a good missionary because of this.  The tough thing this week was that I was the one who had to be responsible for getting us everywhere, because my new companion didn’t know the area.  This was a little tricky, but for the most part we didn’t get lost.  I talked to people on the phone more than I usually do, and had to explain who everyone was to my companion.  But everyone loved her!  Funny things that happened this week include: This guy on a bike rode past us and said hi and started talk to us.  He was asking for the time, or money, or something.  I don’t know, but when we told him we didn’t know (my companion and I are in the habit of not wearing a watch sometimes)…he totally rode ahead only to ride into a pole and fall down…we felt so bad for him.

Also our first day together we had a fun experience.  We were tracting and this lady came out of her apartment.  She had purple hair, but that is beside the point, a lot of people here dye their hair that is just how I remember her.  Anyway, we said hi and she asked us what we were doing.  I told her that we were just trying to talk to people and help them and teach them more about Christ.  She walked away, but supposedly told us that we were evil etc…  Well, we just kept tracting and ten minutes later she came back up and said, “I guess you didn’t understand me, none of these people are home, and you need to get out of the block”.  We said we were sorry and that we didn’t understand.  Then she said, “Ok, I’m going to call the police”.  Then the neighbors came up and talked to her about us very loudly and watched us until we left the building.  We wished them a good evening.  I don’t understand sometimes how silly people are.  If they don’t want to talk to us, that’s ok, don’t answer your door or don’t talk to us.  I don’t mind, really, but we aren’t here to take your money, or force you to do anything.  So what is the harm in us talking to your neighbors?  They can decide if they want to hear our message or not for themselves.  I just think people don’t understand what we really are doing.

This week I learned more about the strengthening power that comes from God.  He really does love us and qualifies us for the work He has called us to do.  Even when we think that we can’t do it.  He knows we can.  I also am learning so much from my new companion.  She loves everyone; I don’t know how she does it.  But she just does.  We have already had so much fun together and I know that it will only continue.  I hope that everyone is having a good week.  I know I did.  The members here are so nice.  One of the families we visit even made me a giant birthday cake!  It was so sweet!  We tried to eat it, but my companion can’t have rice or flour, so I had to eat most of it.

Hope that all is well, have a great week.

Sestra Brown

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!  Do something nice for someone!  That is all I really wanted for my birthday!

Sestra Brown and her two birthday cakesSestra Conference March 2014 #1


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