“Behold, I Have Dreamed a Dream”


This week was certainly interesting and was full of many interesting dreams on my part.  Also daylight savings time finally started, so we are all a little more tired today then we were on Saturday, but it’s ok.

So Monday I had a strange dream.  When I woke up all I could remember was that there was a Bonsai tree.  I told my companion, and we both thought it was weird, but we moved on with our P-day and joked that we would buy one if we saw one.  Later that night we were tracting and had a good feeling about going up some stairs in this one apartment building, even though it was late.  When we got to the top floor, there was a bonsai tree.  My companion and I both freaked out and felt inspired to talk to these people.  So I knocked on the door since I was the one who had the dream, and talked to this really nice lady who had a little boy and a husband.  They all seemed pretty nice.  They took a Book of Mormon and pretty much all the flyers that I had on me.  My companion and I have felt impressed to go back there, and we will, but it was just amazing how these things work.

The next night I had a nightmare where I just got a bad feeling.  The following evening we tracted in an apartment block and both my companion and I got this really weird feeling.  We kept going, but then my companion turned around the corner and there was a guy just standing there watching us.  We hurried into the elevator, and as we did, we saw him pass by the door.  I was instantly reminded of my dream, and we went down and left the apartment block.  I don’t know what would have happened.  But I do know that we never know what way the Lord will prompt us, or what He will use in order to talk to us.  He will always guide and lead us if we are listening and trying to do what is right.  He is in the details of our lives.

This week we also did a district finding activity with chalk.  It was fun.  It is starting to finally warm up here, so it was nice outside.  We did it in a park in a main intersection and lots of people stopped and wanted to know what we were doing.  My companion and I contacted people who were sitting on benches.  We found this lady who had studied religion heavily and I was able to bear testimony to her.  It was a wonderful feeling.  We are hoping to do more things like this in the future.  And I am excited.  I felt good knowing I could contribute my art skills in some way to help others!

This week the Kranj Sestri were also being wonderfully nice to us.  They made us this inspirational jar that contains something inspirational for every day.  So every day my companion and I pick something out of it and read it.  It is beautiful and it always makes my day!  I love that.

This week we also went to an inactive family’s house.  My companion had never met them before and was a little nervous, but they connected right away.  She is so loving and the Spirit was there in great abundance.  We talked about how we can show our love to Heavenly Father by attending church.  They agreed, but were still not specific about coming back.  I felt prompted to talk and really bore powerful testimony that we were servants of the Lord and were here in Slovenia so that they could come back to church, and that now was the time!  I am so grateful that the Spirit was able to bear this powerful and beautiful witness to them that God loves them and is inviting them to change.  I know without the Spirit that what I would say would just be empty words.  This week I was so thankful for that.

I think that is a principle that we all need to learn:  Now is the time to change, not two months from now, a week from now, or tomorrow, but NOW!  God wants to bless you with all that He has and wants you to be happy.  We can receive those blessings when we make the changes that we know we need to make right now.  Heavenly Father is inviting us to make the change, to step it up, and to live up to our full potential so that He can make us into the person that He knows we can become!  It is so beautiful.  I know that we have a greater impact than we think we do and that we all have such great potential.  We just need to live up to it.  And God will help us if we let Him.

Hope that everything is going well.  I am getting my hair cut today, so hopefully it will be ok! Have a great week!

Sestra Brown



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