Conference Talk?


This week was good and we were able to do a lot of service, so life is pretty much amazing!  On Tuesday we went to a member’s house and dug up their whole garden, which was filled with raspberry bush roots, and cleared everything out.  It took us about four hours in the sun outside, but we got to wear pants, so that was fun!  It also felt extremely strange, since wearing jeans is usually a monthly event, haha.  But we were so grateful that we had the opportunity to help others and really work alongside them.

This week was also zone conference.  It was a beautiful conference and my companion and I were called on to role play a lesson in front of everyone, including President Rowe.  She was really nervous, but we did it by the Spirit and it was probably the most beautiful lesson that we have taught together.  It was unified, fluid, with scriptures and testimony, and of course an invitation to action.  We both really needed that experience to know that we are capable teachers and strong missionaries…at least in English…haha, but it was really good.  President Rowe also told us that we need to become more like what the scriptures say, that is become more like “young lions”, who are bold in declaring the gospel.  It was a great visual.

We also watched part of general conference this week at a less active member’s house.  We watched both Saturday sessions and next week we will watch both Sunday sessions in church.  The Saturday morning session is the one that we watched at the less active member’s house.  It was cool to know that while it was 6pm over here, we were watching it live with our families on the other side of the world.  General conference is such a beautiful and spiritually uplifting time.  If you haven’t watched conference, I would invite you to do so.  It really brings light, peace, and strength into my life.

This week the members are going to Frankfurt to spend the week at the temple.  I am a little bit jealous, but I’m so happy for them.  I’m sure they’ll have a beautiful time.

The work is going forth as usual, and we are really going to focus on finding new people to share the Gospel with this week.  I know that the Lord will bless our efforts as we work harder and prepare more to become better representatives of Christ.

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful week and enjoyed conference!

Sestra Brown


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