“How Beautiful Upon the Mountains…”

Just saw a few miracles this week, no big deal, really.

We had a really cool lesson with an investigator in Feldioara.  We intended to teach more of the commandments to her (we had previously taught the Word of Wisdom).  We started to talk to her, and without us even bringing it up, she eventually started talking about how she thought smoking was gross now.  From smoking for years…to just “getting used to” the effects of not smoking???  All we had done was teach one lesson!  It was amazing!!  Then she showed us a cup of coffee she had poured for herself the previous night…it was still full.  She said she had wanted to drink coffee, but she just couldn’t, so it was still there.  She also shared an experience where she had hurt her finger working on Sunday, which she took as a sign, so apparently she doesn’t work on Sundays now (one of the main foci of that lesson was keeping the Sabbath holy).  She’s also reading the Book of the Mormon.  She commented that her kids think it’s a miracle, since she doesn’t have the best vision.  So cool.

With those cool things out of the way…we also had zone training again this week (i.e. the Sibiu day-trip vacatio-I mean, missionary training meeting).  Sibiu remains beautiful, as do the fields, mountains, etc… which lie between it and the other beautiful city of Brasov.  It doesn’t get much more picturesque than the Romanian countryside.

As was evident in Sibiu, it’s far enough into the spring season that it’s time for the street ice-cream to appear!  You know I’m psyched for a spring and a summer of that!

It’s also almost Easter!  Which is the perfect time to check out Church websites for anyone reading this blog!  (Mormon.org’s front page even went purple.)  Besides checking out the purple page, I would especially like to invite everyone to visit familysearch.org.  The site’s been renovated, and the fan chart feature is seriously legit!  Interested in the Church or no, I really do recommend that you check out the indicated family history site; it’s fun.

‘Til next time,

Varstnicul Brown


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