Back to School: World Religion 101


This week was really great as we had the opportunity to talk at a college world religion class.  It was something that was set up through a member and former missionary to Slovenia, so he was there with us as well.  It was really a wonderful experience because you could see people responding to what we were saying and the miracles that were being wrought in their lives because of what we were saying.  For example, when we went there the teacher suggested some basic things that she wanted us to talk about.  She told us that probably nobody would ask questions, but we could try.  Half way into the presentation, one of the members came in and started sharing his conversion story.  You could see everyone start to warm up, and pretty soon there were so many questions that we didn’t have time to answer them all.  While none of them strictly became investigators, I am confident that if I see any of them on the street, they will feel comfortable talking to us.  I know that great things will come from that experience.

This week we also performed some service at a less active member’s house.  They have a big property and the trees have all fallen down.  We had to put them in the front yard and then cut them up and put them in a mulcher.  Let me tell you, you haven’t seen the Elders until you have seen them happy shredding wood.  It was fun.

We also had a great lesson about Christ with one of our investigators.  The Spirit was so strong; I know that he felt it.  I could see his countenance change as we talked about the Savior.  I have so much hope for him in the future.  I know that he will be baptized soon.  We also had a great lesson with an inactive sister who is about to have a baby.  She is so sweet, and a member of the Relief Society came with us to the lesson.  The Spirit was so strong.  The member told this sister that the branch needed her back.  She agreed that she would come back after her baby is born.  I have so much hope for her!  I know that she will come back and will feel an increase of the Spirit.

I hope that you all take time this Easter season to focus on the Savior.  It is such a beautiful time to focus on what He has done for us, and think about how we are serving Him and emulating Him in our life!  Hope that you have a great week.

Sestra Brown


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