Yes Mom…this IS the Weekly E-mail!

Hello people who like reading,

This week we went to Bran Castle again, so I can say that I’ve been to it in the winter and in the spring.  I liked seeing snow on the trees and ground last time, but I must admit that we got better pictures this time, as the member we were with was determined to find a spot where he could get what he considered the good side of the castle, and a result, we walked around the castle grounds.  My favorite is still the picture in which I got my companion to knock Dracula’s door with me…CASTLE CONTACTING!

We also went down to Bucuresti on Sunday with the Branch to the Bucuresti District Conference.  It was fun to see so many members assembled in a chapel like that, but it also was kinda weird at the same time.  Going back to the hugeness of wards is going to be a bit bizarre at first.  It’s also always fun to see so many missionaries in one place.

Sorry that today’s entry was a bit short!

Varstnicul Brown



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