Chef Sebastian Blogs….

Mission log, week 42…

Well, this week was a good one for baking (sorry, but I have to blog about my mission hobby sometimes, you know?).  I got to make cookies with real (American) chocolate chips.  Chocolate chips don’t exist out here (we use cut-up chocolate bars when needed), but I was entrusted with them to make cookies from another missionary in my district (quite the solemn responsibility).  The first batch wasn’t left in long enough, so it didn’t rise as it should’ve (not that they turned out bad…).  The second batch (and the three large cookies made out of the remaining batter)…perfect!

Also this week was a sticky “apple cake” recipe which didn’t make much, but was really good.  It didn’t use much sugar or butter, but it did call for chopped nuts, for which I used Kaufland’s CALIFORNIAN walnuts.  Flash-back to the Californian State Fair where you can find small packets for free?  So weird to see a domestic product be an imported one…I suppose such things are bound to happen when you move half-way across the world?

Oh, and brownies on a whim.  My companion wasn’t going to help me demolish a whole batch (he being healthier than I am and whatnot), so I packed up half of the pan in Tupperware and brought it to the church (we being there to teach English that day).  And yeah, that moment when you hand a Tupperware of brownies to the sister missionaries, walk down the hall, return a minute or two later, and find that the entire half-batch has been utterly inhaled…

Anywho, we also made some cool-looking stuffed peppers this week…and ended up throwing out half of what we had made.  That recipe was sooo nasty…

This week was also one of the sister missionaries one year-mark, so the district (and the visiting Sister Training Leaders) went out to a Romanian restaurant.  Sarmale and mamaliga when done right…yum (Romania does have some good traditional food!).  Next transfer (next week) will be my companion’s one year mark, and mine will be the transfer after that!  Furthermore, Christmas will be my sister’s last Skype home…well, there goes time…

Oh, and speaking of which, the senior missionary couple is going home Friday, earlier than expected!  I’m going to miss serving with them.  They’re the best!  On a side note, it’s weird to consider that I’ve never yet served in an area that didn’t have a senior couple.  I’m planning a blueberry cream pie (first real pie in my pie tin) for their departure, thanks Aunt Tamara for the recipes!!

As far as missionary things go, my companion and I have started taking SYL (speak your (mission) language) seriously when contacting, and I think it’s helping me get a better Romanian accent.  I think the secret to doing SYL is to really get into it, make it fun, and have everyone involved do so, otherwise the person speaking Romanian (when others are speaking English) just seems like that one odd person.

We find out transfer boards and Skype home this week, and the Sisters have an investigator who’s getting baptized on Sunday, so this week ought to be epic.

All the best,

Varstnicul Brown


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