“For Behold the Field is White Already to Harvest”


This week was full of adventures as my companion and I are still trying to find new people to teach!  This week we prepared for the upcoming BYU Chamber Orchestra concert that is coming to Slovenia by passing out flyers in a little town very close to Ljubljana.  It ended up taking us forever to get there by bus, because it was a holiday (May 1st), and the whole country was going to the coast, who can really blame them though?  Anyway, in this little town we had a good time inviting people to the concert and handing out flyers.  The hills were spotted with little houses (not apartment buildings), and it was fun to walk through the little streets and talk to people.

Speaking of little towns, this week we also found a little town that we didn’t know existed.  Both my companion and I prayed about where we should go tracting and contacting, and we thought of this small town that you can get to by bus.  But when we got to the bus stop, we realized that the bus doesn’t go to where we thought.  So we took a bus that goes to a nearby town, and started contacting people there.  While we were handing our flyers, we noticed off in the distance a little town nestled into the hills.  It was a little ways off, but we felt up for an adventure!  We walked through this field of wheat, on a path to try and get to the town.  The wheat was tall, at least to my waist.  Both my companion and I felt like we were in a movie, either Lord of the Rings or one of those pictures that you always see of missionaries in the middle of nowhere walking on a dirt path to preach the gospel to someone far away in the vineyard.  It was so beautiful!  I don’t know what impact we had on the people there, but I know we were led there, because it turned out it was the outskirts of the town we wanted to find originally!  It is so funny the way God works sometimes.

When walking back to the bus stop, we heard this couple speaking English.  They were walking behind us, so my companion, ever the brave one, asked where they were from.  He was half American!  We started talking about the gospel and us and Mormons.  We walked with them for 30 minutes, but that walk would normally take at least an hour.  If we wouldn’t have walked that fast, we would have been late for curfew.  As it turned out, we had to run to cross the threshold of the door exactly at 9pm, but I really think the Lord slowed down time so we could talk to them, and invite them to the concert etc…  It was a miracle.

I know the Lord is preparing people like them to find the gospel and come in contact with the Church!  It is a wonderful time to be a missionary!

This week we also had exchanges and I got to be with my old companion again for a day!  It was fun, we have both grown a lot and we teach better now than we did before, which was inspiring to see.  I also got some new ideas for how to work in this area, so that was really nice.  It was also wonderful to see how much the people here love her and miss her.  She really had an impact on the people here.

Transfers got moved up a week, so that is crazy.  The next transfer is 10 weeks instead of 9.  Not that it really affects any of you, but it is nice to know!  It is starting to get humid here and I see more and more tourists every day, it is exciting!  We also have zone conference this week!  I can’t wait; I really think it is going to be good for us.

I learned this week how important it is to just decide to be happy.  Not that I was sad or anything, but really I just need to decide that no matter what, I will be happy.  This assertion of agency really does make the difference, and a difference that people can see.  And when they see your happiness, then they want to know why, and we can talk about the source of our joy, the gospel of Jesus Christ!  This week I would invite all of you to do just that, and actively decide to let your light shine through your attitude!  I know the blessings will follow!

Sestra Brown


May 5th -Sister Brown


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  1. Nicole Cuthbert

    Love Sestra Brown’s attitude, she is the best!!!!!

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